What were the stock Strat PU'S for an 91 Am Std Strat?


They seem to had more output/ work better for gain than any of the more modern strats I was testing out. The Bridge Single coil especially avoided all those stereotypical thin strat bridge sounds and sounded nice and full.
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There was a time when they used to have a model called x1, those were higher output single coils with non stagered polepieces, with quite a bit of bite.
I'm not sure if they were used in '91 though, could be in the 80's.


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Pretty sure the X1 was used on the early and mid 80's, it was originally one of the features of the smith strat in the early 80's.

I have an 89 american standard, the original pickups have been sitting in a box for the last 20 years or so, perhaps I need to reevaluate them. But I found the bridge pickup to be overly bright, and I wasn't happy with the midrange, at the time. They were basic ceramic single coil pickups.

I replaced them with texas specials, just like everyone else at that time was doing. I still use the guitar today for leads with the same pickups, I love them for rock.

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