What will happen to Timmy prices?


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I’m getting a little bored waiting for the Timmy v3 to hit the market, so I thought I would speculate.

Reverb currently has a few dozen v2 Timmy’s in the $170-ish range. Seems fair considering it is “out of production”. I remember seeing Paul’s Instagram or Facebook showing his last batch heading out.

But once the new V3 is available, what will happen?
I suspect the first run of V3 will disappear instantly and many will end up flipped for profit. Maybe in the $200 range?

Will the value of the v2 settle back a little? Or will they escalate more?

Just wondering. I plan to order as soon as I get an in stock email from humbucker. I am confused by prymaxe’s preorder option since I have some recollection of PaulC saying he doesn’t allow his retailers to do that- or maybe he just discouraged it.


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Once Paul gets v3 out there and readily available to the masses, the v2 prices will start to come back to earth. Eventually they should settle in at/around $110-120 or so, but that's just my opinion as a consumer. I am patiently waiting on v3 and will eventually get one at standard retail from one of his dealers... Probably Humbucker.

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It depends on how well V3 is received.

If it is viewed as a better v2 then prices will come down. But if people feel the V3 isn’t the same, then prices will go up on v2
Whatever version you have for sale is always the best sounding version. Every TGP member in good standing should know that.


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Not sure but if you think the prices may go up for a bit and then retreat you could go short on some put contracts and hedge with some Kingsley and Analogman stock. I’d suggest Spaceman effects too but that’s a little more volatile and may not fit your risk tolerance.


I think the v2 Timmy prices will come down, as I think the v3 will be well received and the pedal market overall seems soft.


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The V3 WILL sound different, so some will prefer it and some will prefer V2. If no more V2’s we’re going to be made it’s price would go up. But Paul is still going to make them too, unless the V3 is a hit and takes over.
Did Paul say he would keep making them? I guess is if v3 is a flop, he could go back to making them. But I would think he would give the v3s a long fighting chance.


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I doubt V2s will drop in value much. The question is at what point will PaulC make more V2s if the market prices remain high?

With V3 being new I expect used prices to remain high for both versions. Especially if there are several positive reviews posted here lol. PC could easily get $20-$30 more per pedal if he was that kind of guy, but he makes a killer product and under prices it keeping demand high. Not a bad place to be, but uncommon for sure.


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I did not see the announcement of v2 returning after the v3 release. That certainly changes I researched speculation.

The real question- what does this all have to do with the 2016 Tim?

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