What will happen to Timmy prices?


Look at the V1 prices. There will always be someone who claims the older version is better in some way and try to charge a premium for it.
Yup, this is a big problem with the Fulltone OCD as well. The subtle differences can easily be changed with a good EQ pedal in most cases and a lot of guys judge things at bedroom volume instead of stage volume where the differences become way less of a big deal once you're actually in a mix with a band.


Mine gets swapped out with a Kingsley Page on occasion, the two best low gainers I’ve encountered.
Pretty recently I got a Kingsley Page and initially thought I would use it like my v1 perf board Timmy which has been last in the dirt chain. However, I found out that I like the page first to push the other pedals better than having it last.

Never compared my V1 Timmy to a v2


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This thread was started before the MXR mini Timmy was announced, which will be a v2 ... so now the conversation will be a bit different once those are readily available at GC and SA stores. :dunno


Doesn't matter as I will be keeping my Original blue color V2 for a long time on my gigging board. One of my best purchases for 2019!

I use mine either as stand alone dirty clean or a gain boost!!