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What would be the best gig bag for a very thin guitar?


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I have a Rickenbacker 650D Dakota. The hard case I have right now does not fit it, and the new Rickenbacker hardcase for 600 series guitars that I bought from Chicago Music Exchange (I bought this model because this is one Rickenbacker advised me to get) does not fit it either. Apparently, older Rics (mine is a 1994) don't always fit in the new cases. CME said that they have run into this problem before.

I don't really want to pay for a custom hardcase...so I was wondering if I could get a really good, really protective gig bag that would do a good job instead. It's a very thin guitar. It's just a pretty small bodied guitar, except that it does have a 24 fret neck.

I don't know much about gig bags though, so any help would be great appreciated. (I've always used cases.)

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