What would be the best way to learn how to work with guitar electronics?


I'd like to eventually learn how to wire guitars together, build pickups, and do minor work on amps. What would be the easiest way to learn how to do these things?

Anyone have a favorite book?


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Way back in the day, we bought cheapo guitars and changed all the parts, and learned to adjust by what worked. The only requirement was a straight neck. No big loss if we made a booboo.

As an example, I start with the bridge low enough to get a bit of a buzz when fretting, then I raise it up til it goes away, and that's where I play it. Didn't read it anywhere but it's worked for me since I did my first Aria LP in '72. We didn't do anything fancy, just put American electronics in, and it sounded great. I now take the solder work to someone that solders more often than once every 5 years! I burnt out 1 too many pots thinking I would just pick where I left off 30 years ago!

Wish we woulda had a book!

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