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I don't ask things like this often because i usually figure they are too subjective and no one can tell me what to do better than myself. but this has really got me stumped. i bought a strat body on ebay for $130. I have been looking for one for months and i bought this because it looked like a crazy good deal. It is NOT a fender, but looks exactly like a very high quality well made 3 tone 62 body. It's notro and the grain is orgasmic. It's light, it's gorgeous. It's exactly what i'd hoped for....quality better than most any MIA 62' RI i have seen. But there are issues.

1)-the guy has drilled the 6 bridge screws for a cheap import bridge thats narrower than any of the MIM or MIJ bridges i have. fix: I could dowel them and re-drill.

2)-the pickguard screws will likely all have to be relocated or the guard i use modded at the pocket.

3)-this is the biggie...the pocket had 2 issues...the first and worse is that the heel end looks as tho it had been routed for a tele neck. You know how they have squared heels instead of curved like a strat ? So the neck will not be making contact with the front of the pocket except at the very center of the heel. fix: none, at least none that i am willing to do because it would be a major pain.Second, one of the neck screw holes in the body is ever so slightly off so it goes into the neck at a slight angle that pulls it away from the side of the pocket. fix: dowel and redrill.

So i can return it, which i'm leaning towards, or just buy a fender 62 body that will no dobut not look as good and cost around $400-500 on ebay. i will lose $30 on shipping with a return by the way, so that adds to the cost of a real fender body. Oh, and this body came loaded, tho not with anything worth using except the aged plastic, guard screws and jackplate. I'm having a hard time deciding what to do, tho i really think i should return it. What would you do? To be honest my brain tells me to return it so i probably will. But god will i miss that gorgeous body !
return it, you may never be happy with having to do that much work to it.

the neck pocket is the deal breaker. i would think the seller would have made that clear. that is a pain to fix, if it could be solved at all.

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