What's a good extra-deep guitar case?


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In the next couple of weeks I will be receiving a custom-built acoustic archtop by John Rumley. It's a tribute to the vibe of cheaper '30s guitars, with a small, deep body and round soundhole. Unfortunately, I forgot when I specified the dimensions that there are few cases that will fit it. Here are the dimensions:

14.5" lower bout
9.5" upper bout
8.25" waist
6" deep overall (including bridge)
38" long overall

The depth is the limiting factor; I don't mind getting a case that's too wide and adding foam inserts. I'd also like to keep it under $100 if possible; this guitar will be for recording, noodling and jam sessions, so I want more than a gig bag but I don't need airline-proof.

So far I've found the following two cases with 6" depths:

Musician's Gear Dreadnought Case
Guardian CG-022-RD

I'm not sure I trust the first one, simply because it's MF's house brand and that 6" depth could be a lie or a typo. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, here are a few pics (it will have a white pickguard). Click to enlarge:


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