Whats a good lead boost to stack with Barber DD?


I love the old black box Barber DD with gain set too max into the slightly dirty clean amp base, it gives me a nice thick medium gain tone that retains clarity with bigger chords but retains enough ooomph for palm muting.

However I like an even more distorted sound for soloing... enough gain for really easy pinch harmonics, and the guitar will feedback nicely if you don't play

Currently I am actually using the new green compact Barber dd with the gain set low as boost for my old main barber dd, i like the black DD slightly better cuz its a bit smoother. I used to use a digitech bad monkey, but i'd like to keep everything true bypass.

Also where should a lead boost pedal be in your pedal chain?
for example currently my chain looks like --- Guitar---Korg Pitchblack----Barber DD----Earthquaker Rev/Delay----Amp.

im guessing it should be between tuner and main distortion?


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If you just want more, I would suggest either an Xotic EP boost, or a TC Electronic Spark boost. Another option is either the Mooer Pure Boost (an Xotic RC Boost clone) or their Yellow Comp. The TC is is probably the best bet, as you can tweak the mid boost. Barber als makes a clean boost, and you could try and track down a LTD SR for a low gain overdrive to boost. The latter has the good LTD tone control, plus the trim pots to sculpt the bass, presence and mids.

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