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What’s giving you GAS right now?


I have more GAS for model railway trains than guitars just now.
Different hobby, same psychological condition(mental illness)

loving my collection of guitars just now and would only replace them If one broke for whatever reason.


I really don't need anything, but try telling ME that. I've simplified my gig rig in response to physical injury & related (apparently) chronic pain. Part of the solution = a slim, 6 lb Godin hybrid that I modded with a Wilde L-90 @ the neck, a Swiss Army Knife guitar. I'm very happy with my rehabbed live sound, and yet, and yet,...I find myself looking @ other lightweight thinlines..maybe one with a Bigsby, maybe 2 humbuckers & a piezo, etc. :rolleyes:

I'm always looking at pedals. And then the last few months I've been thinking getting a digital piano; I started out primarily playing/gigging keys and am drawn to add em into the mix for recording.
I would love to have one of the Fender Custom Shop George Harrison Rocky Strats, but I don't have that kind of money that Fender is asking. I am hoping Fender will do that Strat in a USA version, like they did with the Harrison "Let It Be" Telecaster. Where do people get the money to spend on a $20,000 plus guitar?:)


Ozone safe Hair Metal all the time \m/
I’ve owned close to a hundred guitars in my lifetime but for some reason I never bought my Holy Grail...a Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty. I’ve got 10 mint guitars, a couple of amps and lots of pedals up for sale to finance buying one finally along with my other must have, a Gibson R9. They will be mine!

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I’m actually very happy with my current set up which is far more than I need and better than I can make use of, but GAS is an insidious beast. Ever since I saw a relived pink Novo Serus, I WANT. Almost 100% I’ll never see one, let alone get one, but still......the GAS is real.

What’s sitting in the back of everyone’s minds? (And add pics so we can all drool...) View attachment 318501
Moogerfooger units. I have a 101 and a minifooger Ring Mod. MF107 freq box looks interesting. Also a MF-102 ring mod, and the phaser.
Little projects keep me gassing but at the same time they postpone some way more expensive gear so in the context it is all good:
-an old Traynor 2x15 cab in which I'd put 2 nice vintage AlNiCo 15s (which I already have sleeping somewhere and the cab is not so expensive and in great condition)
-an old Traynor 6x10 which I'd convert into a 4x10 with semi open back (not expensive cab so all good)
-ZVex Distortron (pulled the trigger tonight yeehaah to color the cleanish tone of a YGM-3 Traynor which is blackfaceish with more mids but with the ZVex it will add different flavors)
-squier classic vibe 60s 3 color burst/tortoise shell Strat or Yamaha rootbeer PAC611HFM
-the bigger fish in my list: any 90s or else depending on price doublecut 2 P90s Gibson :)


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I've been gassing for the Origin Effects Magma57 ever since watching the Chris Buck demo video earlier today.

But not gassing any more. Pedal should be here Wednesday.


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I'm happy with the guitar situation right now. I had GAS for a PRS for like 30 years and I recently got the PRS SE Standard; it looks, plays and sounds great; and it was very affordable. Last year I got the very inexpensive Epi SG, because I wanted to learn how to change pickup and pots, and I got that done. So now I just want to tweak the pedal board: so I'm researching Trem/Reverb pedals and maybe a Wampler Tumnus. But I'm in no hurry now. I just want to play.


Yamaha S-type 12-string for some strange reason I cannot explain.
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