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What’s giving you GAS right now?


Gasing for:

a D'pergo S type Sign Ltd

and a Novo Serus J Pelham Blue over gold finish relic

unfortunately not much dough for either


God... where to start. My bookmarks overfloweth with GAS. Heres my top 15ish.

Rivolta Mondata VII Baritone
Rivolta Combinata I and VII
Novo Serus J in Unicorn sparkle
Fender Britt Daniels Signature Tele
Gibson 335
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Fender Chris Stapleton 62' Princeton.
Victory - The Copper w/ 2x12 cab (and The Kraken as well!)
Vox AC30
Revv D20
Universal Audio Apollo x4
Chase Bliss Audio Automatone and CXM 1978
Empress Echosystem
The GigRig G3 switcher

Plus much much more...

Marcus C

I’ve owned close to a hundred guitars in my lifetime but for some reason I never bought my Holy Grail...a Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty. I’ve got 10 mint guitars, a couple of amps and lots of pedals up for sale to finance buying one finally along with my other must have, a Gibson R9. They will be mine!

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You just had to do it---remind me of my Holy Grail guitar of the past! I've always loved the sleek, badass look of those. Someday!
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Dirty Dave

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Patiently awaiting a pimped-up Analogman CompROSSor, and feeling quietly gaseous.
Also expecting New Year rumblings as a result of the Bi-Chorus or the Sunface I haven't even ordered yet.

Marcus C

I knew it was a BAD idea to read this thread--thanks for the guitar and gear reminders! I've had a bad case of GAS for a Strat, I had 3 stolen years ago and it's been rough. Initially I thought about replacing my American Deluxe and 40th Anniversary Strat (which had the nicest neck and sweetest tone ever ) but the American Deluxes are basically out of my price range. I COULD afford the $1800 to $2200 price for a used one, but I'm not working so have to watch my money pretty closely. I know I'd really regret it if I pulled the trigger on that,. I've had plenty of time to check out Strats online and found this nice honeyburst Strat Special with jumbo frets. But it's got one of those big 70's headstocks that I really am not into and I've been sitting on the fence on that. Kind of absurd given that how many legends have played those headstocks. I do feel a little ridiculous for being so particular about them, I just like the vibe of the smaller ones. The other issue is it's all single coil and I want an HSS Strat. Toying with the idea of putting in a Dimarzio Super Distortion s in it.

I also have been looking at one of those Strat Player HSS MIM models on sweetwater-the price is great but it's got medium jumbos which I've learned I'm lukewarm on, It's got a gorgeous Cherry burst finish which is making me lean a bit towards it plus the sleeker small headstock. I do have a GAS acquistion to admit to--an Epiphone Les Paul earlier in the year but it has the medium jumbos, still is playable and sounds good. Of course I'd love a real Les Paul eventually. Man oh man. So for the past couple of weeks I've been going back and forth between these two Strats-the Honeyburst will need some work but the only thing the Strat Player will need is locking tuners. Still on the fence. Wish me luck...'

Other absolute needs (ha ha):

Strymon El Capistan
Wampler Ethereal
Gibson Black Beauty Les Paul
Two Note Captor X
Pretty Redhead

and this just in!:
Gretsch White Falcon
George Benson Ibanez model
Tele '53 reissue
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top
Fender Deluxe
Marshall Half Stack
Vox AC30
Guild D-50
Takamine single cutaway electric acoustic

PS-just got an EVH 5150 pedal--sounds awesome! Yes, in a way it was because of his passing but also was totally impulsive. Saw a vid with Pete Thorn demoing it, had to have it!
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MIDI loopers, guitar speakers and video / lighting equipment, would also be Enki guitar cases but they're more of a wishful thinking kinda 'toy' (way outta financial reach).

EDIT: On the other hand, I've been slowly getting acquainted with Alesis Quadraverb GT after owning it for 2-3 years, bought it because it was cheap (used to be dirt cheap and plentiful, should've bought a handful of these....) with no particular purpose, and now I'm discovering SO MANY cool little things about it! ....but the more I use it, the bigger the gas for a MIDI switcher......
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Aclam Dr Robert, definitely. that or a Castledine Magical Mystery Box - The tonal character I've been chasing has pretty much always been that of a clean solid state front end - that immediate, open and full range dynamic response. One of the best tones I've ever had was running an Award Session solid state preamp into the front of a vintage AC30, sounds stunning, but I want a way to kinda get that "vox" midrange characteristic out of any other amp. For that reason the Dr Robert appeals to me a little more than the MMB, they've really nailed that midrange thing from a Vox "normal" channel whereas the MMB has much more focus on the "brilliant" channel chime and that distinctive screeching fuzz tone. Knowing me, I'll get both at some point >_<

Also, do pickups and other hardware modifications for guitars I already have count as "GAS"? I have so many little tweaks in mind for certain guitars - I have more desire to make the guitars I already have work better for me, than to buy a bunch of new ones.

JB in NoVA

Something with decent humbuckers, piezo bridge, AND a 22nd fretboard-width of 2" on a slim-taper neck with a 10"-12" radius.

Not GAS; I am on an active hunt. I've already gone through 3 guitars in search of my Golden Fleece.

Pete Dabell

Kauer Super Chief & Banshee Deluxe
A tele (tossing up a JV, 52 AVRI, 62 Custom black double bound & Nocaster -2 of these)
Gibson J45
Fender EJ Strat w/RW board
Fender Clapton Strat
Explorer + V

Park P45 (currently being built)
Park Rock Head (next order)
Kingsley Deluxe 50 (when that spot comes up :p )

BJF Model H
BJF Honey Bee
Are Park amps still being made????????? I thought Marshall stopped making them years ago! Good choice though! I have an old Park 50watt blue front combo, aluminum chassis, lay down transformer, non working tremolo circuit (although I may rectify that in the future) . Great gigging amp that sounds the business! cost me about £80 back in 1985 I think? utterly reliable and still sounding great today! DSCF0753.JPG DSCF0754.JPG


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The custom guitar I have been waiting 15 months for. Visited the luthier last week, saw the build in-progress, and picked finish, pick-ups, etc.

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