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Whats one step up tha Seismic Audio as far as cabs go??


I know Avatar and Mojotone as far as sweet cabs but what are the lower priced cab companies...I know of Seismic but I cant remember the other brand...I have 2 speakers laying around and I wanna utilize them on the cheap! Thx



Use the link for 2x10 cab or Reverb link at top of Reverb page for their 1x? offerings , 2x12 and any other offerings. Cabs are made of solid ply, well built, decent tolex work, Henry Ford color scheme ...any color you want as long as it's black, 3 piece back so it can be an open or closed back. YOU must provide your own speakers. Reverb shop has been "on vacation" since 'Rona came to Kentucky. Reasonable pricing pre-'Rona...more than Seismic and less than other makers. Very happy with my 2x10. It gets used as main cab for my TA15 and as an extension cab for my 2x10 Blue Angel combo o make it a pseudo 4x10. Just what the doctor ordered!


Active Member
I just got a seismic sealed 2 x 12 Luke C and I put a celestion v-type and a seventy 80 in it. I love the combination. I play an epiphone Les Paul and SG.


Gold Supporting Member
I just received a Seismic Luke 1x12 in orange. They are very well built for the price. I am just waiting for my Celestion G12H30 to arrive.


Silver Supporting Member
My preference is 3/4" ply, that's really my only construction preference. I have a Two Rock 1x12 and Avatar 1x12, both 3/4" ply ... I don't find one better than the other; but huge price differences. If one buys a 1/2" ply Seismic and doesn't find it boxy, they're good to go. I've had some questionable results from 1/2" ply so I stay away.

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