What’s the best feeling, most effortless playing Electric you’ve ever played?

I’ve owned a fair amount of instruments ranging in price from entry level mass production to upper tier boutique. And been fortunate to have played some beautiful guitars featuring brilliant detailed craftsmanship.
It seems like more often than not around here what people want to know or talk about is tone. I’m into that for sure.. But over the years, and many, many long hours working to elevate my creative expression and equally-physically develop highest levels of facility on this instrument I’m capable of.

*So I’ve come to realize that the instrument itself can be either a tool for expression, OR it can limit one’s ability to reach the highest technical level they’re capable of.
The closest I’ve come to finding that on an instrument was on 2 occasions;

-The first was a custom Don Grosh Retro Classic T one of only an extremely limited number of models featuring special flame maple and tone woods.. Basically what you’d expect a “best I’ve ever played” guitar to be AND with a price tag to match!!
-The second was less typical of what you might expect; A used G&L Asat Classic custom “S” (Kinda like a typical asat but with 2 Strat style pickups and a classic bridge mounted Tele pickup). It played absolutely wonderfully, low action no buzz & the most consistent even flat radiused board.. And the best part was the bridge/nut were carved to bring the outside strings in away from the edges of the fret’s (something I really struggle and grow frustrated with at times) it was like a sigh of relief, I could JUST PLAY! Long story short, I came back the next morning to buy it and it had been sold shortly after I had left the night before.. :confused:
Tell me your best of experiences!!
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My CS R4! Plekked, beautifully set up. Plays like dream!


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I am not a fan of an "effortless playing guitar". I like to feel the guitar is giving me some return love for the effort I am putting into it.
This Strat is 1 of a hundred . . . Play 100 before finding another as smooth. Best out of over 20 Custom Shop Strats I have and the only one I spent the money on to bring over to my home in Bali.

The ESP Custom Shop Alexi is simply from another planet. They don’t make them that good here on earth.

For me it's the Music Man Valentine. This thing is just silky smooth and plays like butter. Crazy how good this guitar is. Makes my others feel like a chore.
My Stingray EBMM isn't far behind it!

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Man, this picture and your description has led me to researching and watching countless videos. I'm seriously thinking of finding one of these. I would love to pick your brain a little about it.
My SG Melody Maker. It has the kind of neck I call a "disappearing neck". After a few songs it's like I'm only feeling the strings and frets and don't even notice what's holding them up.

The funny thing is that the guy who sold it to me let it go cheap, partly because it was modded and all beat up, but mostly because he said he couldn't stand the Melody Maker neck.
I only have my masterbuilt Strat in my avatar and I love the way it plays. So silky and resonate.
Its funny though. Its been my experience that a lot of "cheap" guitars that I've played in the past seem to have been the ones that have been easiest to play. Not all but enough that I tend remember them. Im sure we've all experienced that Mexican made tele or off brand super Strat hanging on the wall that played better than any of the custom shop stuff hanging on the wall lol

These two for best playing experience.
As some others have said, it’s mostly about the neck. These both have shallow profiles, but with just the right curvature on the back of the neck: curved ( not flat) but not too much shoulder either.
Comfortable for wrapping my thumb around the neck, barre chords, fast single note passages.... these two do it all.
The ‘98 Danny has a 40 mm neck at nut, the Gibby is 42 mm.
My 2021 Gibson LP Classic. Simply because it was PLEK'd, and because I bought it brand new, so it had zero wear on the frets. Not because it was a Gibson, or a pricey made in USA guitar.

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