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What's the best FUZZ pedal available? ...available!!!


I don't really have a budget, but don't want to buy vintage. Who makes the end all arguments fuzz pedal? I've got too damn many OD pedals and don't want to start collecting fuzz pedals too, so I want to get the best there is!

Seems like a tricked out sun face is the way to go....???? :dunno


What kind of sound do you want? There's millions of different flavors of fuzz - what sounds like to the "best" to one, isn't necessarily the best to another.


If you like old school germanium fuzz face fuzzes then IMO the Analogman Sunface NKT275 is one of the best. For a silicone fuzz I really like the MXR Classic 108.


Fuzzy Guitars
There are LOTS of different fuzz flavors out there...Fuzz Face, Tonebender, Big Muff, etc (and it's a long list) and each of those flavors have sub groups...Ge, Si, Hybrid, etc Fuzz Faces, MK I, MK II, MKIII, MK 1.5, etc Tonebenders, even Big Muff's come in various flavors.

You're best bet is to find a starting point and go from there and do the old buy and try.

I'll say this, for me it comes down to a Fuzz Face...they are more expressive than most fuzzes, work well with single coils and buckers (if you work at it)...for me they just work, however I am a fan of Tonebenders, the famed Foxx Tone Machine, Big Muff's and even older low buck jobies like the old Maestro, Jordan or Kay fuzzes but I always find my way back to a Fuzz Face, and for me the end all Fuzz Face is an AnalogMan! I have 2 and plans for more. Mike has just got it down and his fuzz pedals seem to be exactally what I want however some guys might prefer the Fulltone 69, some guys might prefer the MJM...it's all a matter of taste.

Kev O)))

I'm really digging the new Swollen Pickle MKII. Its very, very tweakable and can range in tones from Big Muff, to Fuzz Face, even Tone-Bender-ish. Between the 3 main knobs, Scoop (no mids to flat-mids), Crunch (amount of compression), you still have 2 trimmers inside to dial in 'your' Fuzz tone.

The Fulltone Ultimate Octave is a good choice too. It comes with a BC108 Si Fuzz and a bonus, switchable Octave Up. Perfect, one-stop Fuzz IMO.

Great Fuzzes at a decent prices.
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Windup 43

Silver Supporting Member
Best types I've tried:

Sweet Sound Monterey- Germanium
Analogman BC108 Sunface- Silicon (still have)
Throbak Stonebender- Tonebender (still have)
Analogman Peppermint Fuzz- Original design (still have)
Muff- don't care for them, couldn't say...


exquirentibus veritatem
Platinum Supporting Member
My favorite is the Fulltone Ultimate octave. I believe it is Foxx inspired. Have fun in your journey.....


Check-out Theo Hartman's pedals:
• Germanium Fuzz [Based on Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face]
• Silicon Fuzz [Based on Silicon transistor Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face]
• Tommy Bolin Signature Fuzz [Based on Sam Ash Fuzz]

These pedals take classic fuzz tones to a new level!

I also really like Alex Saraceno's (Dirty Boy) pedals:
• Buzzy Boy
• Afro Fuzz
• Germanium Boy
• Fuzzy Boy

Highly recommended.


Silver Supporting Member
For a no budget, end all of fuzzes, maybe the Captain Coconut? Lots of options. As for the ones I've really liked personally, the BJFE Candy Apple for classic fuzz, and the Hartman Germanium for a 'different, but amazing' fuzz sound.


If you like old school germanium fuzz face fuzzes then IMO the Analogman Sunface NKT275 is one of the best. For a silicone fuzz I really like the MXR Classic 108.
+1. I have never tried one but the word is that the D*A*M MKII is the best Tonebender MKII clone, but am not sure about its availability.


Who makes the end all arguments fuzz pedal? I want to get the best there is! :dunno
I don't think such a Fuzz exists. There are so many variations, making it all subjective. One mans best may be a garden variety Big Muff, anothers something from the Dirty Boy line, and every variation inbetween. You sir are about to head off on a quest that may indeed last a lifetime with "the best" always just around the next bend on the path of life. Although, it can be a very enjoyable experience.
I consider myself very fortunate to have found two fuzz pedals that I quickly bonded with, and I use them regularly and am fairly content. But I will admit that I will always be open to trying out as many as I can in the meanwhile.:D
Best Regards to you and your quest.:)

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