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What's the deal with Brownface Fenders.


Just curious, I read so much about tweed, blackface and silverface Fenders but rarely anything about the Brownface models. How woud you say the differ and compare from the others in terms of tone and performance. Would appreciate any info on this -thanks.


They are mostly clean sounding amps with a GREAT tremelo. IIRC, the Vibroverb was the only brown Fender amp that has reverb.

wire 247

I played a 63 brown deluxe and it was straight up the most rocking little amp I have ever played. Overdrive from the beginning. I went back to buy it and it was gone.


My little 62 brown Princeton is an unbelievable tone machine!
Sure you can crank it and get some great overdrive.
But if I want overdrive I'll plug into one of my Marshalls.
This little Brownie really shines at moderate volume levels.
My Strat and the Brown P. seem to be the perfect combination.
I wouldnt call it clean, Its just smooth! Really smooth!
The tremolo is great too, but I think the tremolo in my Reverborocket
is a bit more mesmerizing.


Browns are in between a tweed and a blackface. More clarity and sparkle than a tweed but they have more midrange than a blackface.
More headroom than a tweed but less than a typical blackface depending on the model.

Blackface tone is more sophisticated, the amps have more top end and increased headroom.

Brownfaces tend to be balanced in response, but they have a kind of fat, midrangey quality.

Each generation is great. The sound just changes a little bit different as the designs evolve. The best advice is to play some and see what you think.

Browns are my favorite Fenders of all time.


62 and 63 Bassman owner here. I also own two BF Bassman heads, and have played a few Tweeds in my day. To my ear - Brownface/Blonde Fenders have that inbetween Tweed/BF tone. At least the Bassman's do. A bit tigher bottom and clearer high end than Tweeds (b ut not as tight bottome or the top end of a BF), but a more foward midrange than the BF - more like a Tweed. All Brownface/Blondes are hands down amazing. Worth checking out. I can't comment on any of the amps with Tremelo/Virbrato (a la Bandmaster/Tremolux, etc). Check em out if you can!


They are very nice amps. As stated above, they seem to fit right between the tweeds and blackfaces regarding breakup. Over the years I have had five, no six brownface Fenders:
Bassman (2)
Princeton (1)
Pro (2)
Tremolux (1)

I like having reverb, so blackface/silverface amps get the nod now. However, some of the best tones I've had came from the cranked brownface Bassman or brownface Pro.

Below are the two that I most recently let go when downsizing.

The Bassman above is a transition model, as it has a blackfaceplate, but a a 6G6B (brownface) chassis.


ive had a lot of amps... amongst them ive had 6? different browns..pro/vibrasonic/concert/super/deluxe/princeton. ive regretted the sale of the browns more than most other amps... Finally, I again have a brown princeton and a brown deluxe, with hopefully a brown pro and a brown concert before the end of 2008.. to my ears (strictly blues, and harp only, no guitar) they are real warm, punchy and FAT... not that many were made, hence not so many people have actually played them compared to say tweeds or blackfaced amps...


Listens to Johnny Marr, plays like John Denver
Silver Supporting Member

To me that's a niiiice black/silverface tone. Superclean and spanky, unobtrusive reverb...but vibrato is a bit choppy.


That's me. Sorry, couldn't find a cleaner demo on youtube, how sad is that. Anyhow, note the broooown sound. No reverb, but do you really miss it with that killer vibrato? I don't! Anyhow, it's a real mellow fellow that has the best smooth tones out there for me - and it'll crunch in a pinch too (but not without raising Wife Ire, uh oh...)

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