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What's the deal with Sweetwater MSRP prices?


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Seems a lot of people don't understand that MAP is a good thing, and a protection for small business owners (like me).

I don't buy in bulk like the big box stores do, therefore I pay more for the same products from the manufacturers. Big stores can sell for less than I can and make the same profit, since they paid less to begin with. If they could advertise those lower prices I'd do even less business comparatively, since my prices would be higher.

MAP levels the paying field, their advertised price has to be the same as mine. It's a protection for the little guys. Of course, everyone knows you can go to the store and negotiate a better deal than I could give, but at least on paper there is parity.


It's just something Sweetwater does to try to make you think you're getting some kind of deal from them. Music gear is generally advertised at MAP, not MSRP, which is why the actual price at Sweetwater is the same as pretty much everywhere else.
Kind of like when you buy a pack of socks at Kohl's and the person at the register tells you, "You saved $75."
Unlikely but expected. ;) (To get back at them I do not fill out the online survey! Fight the power!!)

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