Whats the deal with the Malekko 919?


-It was announced forever ago

-Seemed like it was getting released then we find out it needs to be redone entirely

-More time goes by

-Finally makes an appearance at last years NAMM (no one managed to get any video of it)

-It has been a year since and still nothing

-Malekko announces on another message board that we will get some sort of news by the end of January 2012

Does any one know anything new?


Talked with the guys at NAMM. They had it out, I saw it, but they were not demo-ing it (this was Thursday). They said it might be out for demo by Saturday.

So I went back Saturday and they said that there are still some tweaks to be made and that they weren't pleased enough to have it out at the show...

So... there you go. I'm anxiously awaiting hearing the thing, and I want it to sound right and be the best they can make it, but it has been a long time coming for sure!

I asked when it would be released, he said when it's ready. I asked if that would be before the summer, he said it's a high possibility.
I messaged them in early December and got this:

"I will be talking about the 919 in January...trust me, nobody wants that pedal to be released more than i do...but i didnt want to release it until it was perfect."

However, I didn't really hear any big information (release date, etc.) about it from any NAMM coverage...so it's probably still in development/final tweaks.


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I think they're teaming up with the Klon for a new kind of effects unit (KTR 919) that will top any pedal ever made. It is a delay and a boost/color enhancer all in one. It should be pretty awesome, and I think it's supposed to come out never.


It does sadden me that this pedal isn't out yet. Any additional news other than whatever fiasco may have occurred at NAMM that had them pull it off the floor?

Seems strange...

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