what's the diff between Lehle Sunday Driver and Xotic BB preamp?

I'm thinking of getting one of the two.

Anyone have experience with both or enough knowledge to comment on how they differ. Pros/Cons of one over the other?


These two pedals have very little in common.

The Sunday driver is a completely neutral clean boost. It has a switchable buffer (also completely neutral), and a switchable output impedance that only affects things when the boost is engaged.

The "Sunday Driver" mode, with a high output impedance, can help tame spiky brightness when driving the front end of the amp.

The Lehle pedal is a staple on my board and does a fantastic job both as a lead boost and kicking a variety of amps' front ends into overdrive.

The BB Preamp can do a clean boost at its lowest gain setting, but mostly it is a quite thick and compressed distortion capable of fairly high gain.

I watched a video recently where a guy was using the Sunday Driver (in Sunday Driver mode) in front of the SW amp sim S-Gear and got just killer tones from both his Les Paul and SG.

But, I also remember Andy Timmons demoing his BB pedal in front of his Mesa to get more punch out of his signal which retaining a lot of clarity. Hence the question posted.

Thanks for the response.


Oh look! This is a thing I can change!
Thats just two things being used in a similar way. These pedals have very little in common circuit-wise or sound-wise. You can use pretty much anything to boost guitar signal into an amplifier and get nice tones.
I don't think the guy on the video was using it to boost his signal as much as to make it more "crisp" or "present" for lack of better terms.

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