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What’s the most ridiculously overpriced pedal?


Not taking issue with you, taking issue with the point(s) you brought up -that we seem to be on the same page about.
Yeah... thanks for reading my reply... to be clear... i do believe some instruments deserve to sit in a private collection rather than being tossed around in some drummer's van. But not all collections and collectors are alike. Most collections I've seen were put together to get social media cred.

My point is, if a pedal generates hype because of its price or because it's made the scalpers come out of the woodwork, then that pedal is overpriced. If I am wary of taking it to the rehearsal room, because of its price, because it makes me look like I'm compensating or showin' off, it means that pedal is overpriced.

If I find myself having to justify my acquisition, it means that pedal is overpriced.

The "sour grapes" arguments... reek of entitlement IMHO.
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I am now in the process of looking for a tonebender, and got to a point where I see macari pedal going from 400-4000$ . then I see the pcb is very small and has like 10 components. I wonder is this classified as over price? then again they said in a tonebender moving one component will sound wildly different, let alone nos components vs new.

and there's some sputnik fuzz going on 1500$ too. what's up with all those fuzz? thought fuzz is a relatively simple circuit?
Hype. Special components in a pedal are all hype as are ones in an amp. None of them necessarily equate to better sound. They look cool sure. Tone benders are totally overrated right now with the release of a recent $$$ limited edition pedal that people are acting like a million other tone benders don’t exist. Any mkii tb will get you “one” of jimmy page’s tones. Definitely just build one! Fuzz pedals are way easier to do than any modulation pedal. I recently made a clone of the hybrid tone bender from sola sound for peanuts that gets that moby dick tone.


Kind of depends on the definition of overpriced. The KTR price is determined “by the market” since it is supposedly discontinued as opposed to anything JRAD sells on the New market. Like the Archer.

Now that’s overpriced to me.
Agreed. There’s a big difference, to me, between scarcity and demand resulting in high prices in the used market versus manufacturers trying to price gouge under the guise of having reinvented the wheel.


For me, it was the Klon. It was fine as a boost, although my Metropolous Supa-Boost is better to my ears.


Isle of Tone pedals are easily the most ridiculous overpriced pedals. People are selling them on reverb for 2k. Pretty fun fact: days ago their instagram page posted pics of a Boss Tone Bender, claiming they saw the guts and decided to "makeover" them, and in the comments folks were suggesting those pedals are not good enough for that money...and I keep asking myself if they think the Isle of Tone pedals are worth 2k.

I mean, the idea of selling brand new pedals with relics, t+shirts and premium package is a pretty in the first place. It's interesting that on internet forums, reddit, or even on Youtube there are few people talking about them. For example, on youtube most people demoing the pedals are obscure channels claiming the pedals are "the best fuzz ever" or the "holy grail" of fuzzes. and most videos don't even reach 2.000 visualizations.

Judging by people who follow them on instagram, I think their target is the fuzz aficcionado and I'm pretty sure those youtube videos are part of the usual marketing strategy: let's sent these pedals for youtubers that are willing to claim our pedals are more than good fuzzes with a cool package.


Most expensive pedal I have purchased is the Analog Alien Joe Walsh Classic Double (Compressor / OD). Lists for $300, got it on Sam Ash Clearance for $177. Really great compressor, most musical I have ever used!


Chase bliss audio
snd I don’t understand why made the pedals so complicated to use
i prefer simple knobs and spend more time on playing


Some of the really hyped up Lovepedals are incredibly overpriced because so many of them are just tweaks to the Electra Distortion circuit, which has to be one if not the simplest circuits in all of guitar pedals. It might even be simpler than a Rangemaster. Anyone with a soldering iron and a weekend can build one of these from having zero experience.

Some of those really expensive fuzz pedals like D*A*M* are overhyped and very expensive for such simple circuits, but those guys that do those really high end boutique fuzzes get extremely obsessive with the overall craftsmanship of the build and component selection to the point I can understand the prices somewhat....they are sort of like a fine watch of pedals, sure a cheap Casio will keep time just as well as a Rolex, but you don't buy the Rolex to keep time. As long as people aren't blowing a bunch of BS about the toanz and mojo in the carbon comps I can kind of dig it...just appreciate things for what they are. Nothing wrong with a fuzz pedal that is really expensive if it has been built to a very very high degree of craftsmanship.
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