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Whats the most underrated pedal you have that most people on TGP would never associat


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Empress ParaEQ - it hardly gets a mention on these boards but I think it is one of the most amazing pedals I have tried. I greatly prefer it over my MXR 10 band which it replaced. I use it mostly to improve my high gain tones. It works great in the effects loop and seems to make all my overdrive/distortion pedals sound like 30% better.


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My tele loves my $5 garage sale MXR Distortion +, and so do I.


snow and steel

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Its not on my preferred and usual board, but there have been many gigs and jobs where all I have really needed is reverb and a light occasional boost. So - I used the foot switchable reverb on the amp and uses....

... a Boss SD-1. Yup - the cockroach of guitar pedals. I used it with gain at about 8 o'clock and volume up a bit. just a lightly warming boost for some parts. The audience and the client were pleased. I'm sure my gear snob friends would have huffawed but it worked fantastic. Its been a pretty great little pedal to use on many occasions - and always when I least expect it.

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