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whats the smallest amp you've ever gigged with (and how)


I once gigged with a fender champ 600 into a 2x12 cab with V30s... It was underpowered and didn't really work too well, but it was fun playing with a cranked amp tone, the few times it actually cut through decently.


Silver Supporting Member
Well, I gigged in high school with a solid state Crate with a 10" speaker. Funnily enough, I think it was way louder than the Tweed Deluxe that is the smallest amp I've gigged with as an adult.


Silver Supporting Member
Fender Frontman 10 on a bar stool. First gig ever, circa 1998. Was at a coffeehouse/youth center. I went out and bought a Fender Ultimate Chorus 2x12 the following week.

I also used a Fender Super 60 1x12 from time to time. Was a great pedal platform and had a good clean channel. The drive channel was straight garbage though, the quintessential definition of shrill.

Jeff Gehring

Gold Supporting Member
The smallest amp I've ever gigged with would be a Voice of Velveeta Guild solid state PA head. And by smallest, I mean qualitatively the least likely to be mistaken for a real amplifier. That's what happens, when your 1959 blows smoke out the vent and you didn't bring any other backup...
Jet City 20w 112 combo.

Efficient speaker and I didn’t need cleans.

That band had an acoustic, 2 electric guitars, bass and keys.

I owned a particular piece of sonic space and the JC worked well for that. The other electric player was using Fender patches from a Fender Mustang modeler, and despite the ridiculous wattage difference, I had no issues.

We miked almost everything though so my amp was my monitor.


Silver Supporting Member
Princeton Reverb RI. I only did it at one gig... it just didn’t have enough oomph to hang with my drummer at that time, he was a very loud player.


Fender Mustang I v1......several small coffee shop size country gigs. Used my pedal board with a Barber Small Fry overdrive, a delay, and an old Ernie Ball Volume pedal.......not miked!!


I gigged (and will again) with a BF Champ in the country band I play with. Amazingly loud when you mic it and run it through the PA, and get a great monitor mix. Weighs less than my pedalboard...
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Gold Supporting Member
I've used an AC15 that was backlined...

Also the same with the Fender Tweed Deluxe (or whatever it's called? It's a 4-holer.).

The AC 15 cut through surprisingly well. The Fender was buried surprisingly so.

But when you say "gigged with", I believe you mean like "what amp of your own that you used for gigs regularly"?

If that's the case, then the smallest/lowest powered amp that I've ever brought to use at a gig is the Marshall Vintage Modern. Roughly 35w, 2x12" speakers.

Other than that, they've all been 75w/100w/180w :eeks (That was the Fender Super Twin Reverb! What an amp!)


Yamaha G-5. Yea, the crappy little practice amp.
Got a gig, it was a 5 piece band, there was already an upright on the stage. TINY stage, and no room for my twin, so I stuck the little amp up on top of the piano. Since it was right behind my head, and we weren't very loud, what with an acoustic piano, the leakage into my vocal mic must have been enough, people said they could hear the guitar.

You may have heard of these, supposedly had pretty bad tone. That is not true, it never really worked its way up to bad, lol. horrid little thing but there wasn't much around in the early 80s, and I certainly didn't have the bucks to go out and just buy another amp.

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