What's this effect?


In this song...

Specifically at minute 00:30 and then again at 00:50 (probably can be heard better here). It sounds like a chorus or vibe but I don't use modulation enough to know.
Hello Klutch,
At minute 00:30 I tought it was a synthesizer. At 00:50 you can her better that is a guitar with overdrive and delay. I hear that there is also a slight pitch modulation: this can be due to the wow effect of the delay or a slight bending made by the guitarist...or even a vibrato pedal :)
Sounds like somebody moving the whammy bar as they play a few arpeggiated notes. (as opposed to trying to get that sound with a vibrato pedal)
it's panning back and forth. probably done in the daw
It sounds slightly distorted like an amp or an amp simulation.
There's definitely reverb.
It definitely has some analog or analog-voiced chorus on there.

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