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What's your dream guitar?


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Been thinking about this lately. After almost 30 yrs of playing, I've been thinking about what it is I want when I'm in a position to have it. Looking back, among the MANY electrics I've owned, my Heritage H-535 and PRS Custom 22 were my favorite two guitars. Oh, and the Gibson Lucille I had for awhile and recorded an album with! I played a Fender Original '60s Stratocaster last year and it hooked me. I've had a handful of nice Strats over the years I let go, but the looks, features, and feel of those seem to fit perfectly.

What's your realistic dream guitar you could see playing indefinitely? If you were remembered as a player, what guitar would you want associated with you?

What's your Gibson Lucille? SRV's #1? Clapton "Blackie"?


My Reverend Sensei Jr. If I could get it without the forearm contour and without binding that would be even better, but as-is it's as close as I can get to my idea of a "perfect" guitar without building it myself.

70 Mach 1

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Honestly every time i find a dream guitar im not floored by it. Took me almost 40 yrs to buy what i dreamed about in HS.

Found that museum peice ibanez artist 2617 from decades ago
Bought it in a heart beat.

Was underwhelming

Then there was the 91 blackie ec strat.
Has its moments but im not in love.

Then it was a 59 CS RI.
Never warmed up to it.

So now i moved on to an SA2200
Havent had it long enough to post a complaint but so far so good

Yamaha 350

I own a Jay Turser Jazz box. It was my first dream guitar. I got a Highland semi hollow. And a Silvertone made by Samick a reissue. So I want a few Schector Solo's, and a few others. I own a few already of my dream guitars. I have to many guitars.


There is no one dream guitar for me. My #1 is a Les Paul, but the music I'm working on lately doesn't really call for the humbucker tone so it's on the sidelines right now. It's still the one I would want associated with me if I were famous, and it's been my #1 for something like twelve years now, and I will play it until I no longer am able, so I will submit it here.

Chambered CR8, refinished, wraptail conversion, with Wolfetone Dr. Vintage pickups. Locking tuners, locking studs, compensated bridge, various other tweaks. When I wear it down enough to need a refret, it will get stainless and then it will be perfect. There's nothing else I would change! This thing is a dream, man. It sounds and plays like nothing else. I know this is an imperfect and biased metric, but I've had enough people tell me it's the best LP they've played that I feel pretty dang good about it.

edit: I feel like I've been posting it around here a lot lately. Sorry!

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