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What's your dream guitar?


I just bought a G&L Tribute ASAT as my kind of “buy a new intermediate level guitar as I’m getting back into playing.” It’s great, but it’s obviously not THE guitar that I’ll play until I die. I’ll probably wait until my 30th birthday (in 5 years) to buy THE guitar, and lately I’ve been really attracted to Gibson 335’s. Something about them is timeless and classic at the same time, though I need to play a lot of stuff first to figure out exactly what I want to be as a player. I could see myself getting a good 335 or a really solid USA Strat (yeah I know they’re wildly different). The only versions of these guitars that I’ve played though are Mexican made Fenders and Epiphones, so I’ve got a lot of demoing to do.


I don't have a dream guitar in the sense of "This will be my #1 and all other guitars will pale" but I do want to get Gretsch's George Harrison's Duo Jet signature model.

It's not even that I like smaller, solid body guitars. My preference is for 335 and 6120 style bodies. It's for the little kid in me that listened to my grandparent's Beatles records and watched footage of them and thought "I wanna be him".


Also, here are my dream guitars from when I was younger.
1. PRS Custom 22 - owned it, sold it. Wasn't my cup of tea at all. I've tried PRS again a couple more times since and they never stuck.
2. Gretsch G6118T Anniversary - owned it, sold it. Big hollowbodies aren't for me, but I'd definitely take another shot at the smaller-bodied Junior version!
3. Gretsch G6121 Roundup - never got one. About to throw some Dynasonic/DeArmond-style pickups in a Jet and that should pretty much get me there tone-wise, hopefully!
4. Gibson LP Standard - owned many, an a CR8 is now my #1.

Yamaha 1421

Well if your going to dream,DREAM BIG! and this one IS! One of a kind and made for one of my favorite players. And by the way it was NOT destroyed like so many have thought. It WAS repaired and lives on in a private collection I have proof!..............if I could buy it,if money was no object I definitely would! Rex Bogue 'DOUBLE RAINBOW" played by "MAHAVISHNU" John Mclaughlin.


ESP custom shop, basswood F-series body with George Lynch tiger graphics (with the purple sunburst). Black hardware, one volume knob and a Floyd Rose. The only pickup would be a Super Distortion in the bridge position. Thin U neck.


Personally I have my dream guitars, an LP, a Strat and a Taylor. But if it were free I would take a PRS Custom 24 with Piezo. Shaken, not stirred.


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There is no one dream guitar for me. My #1 is a Les Paul, but the music I'm working on lately doesn't really call for the humbucker tone so it's on the sidelines right now. It's still the one I would want associated with me if I were famous, and it's been my #1 for something like twelve years now, and I will play it until I no longer am able, so I will submit it here.

Chambered CR8, refinished, wraptail conversion, with Wolfetone Dr. Vintage pickups. Locking tuners, locking studs, compensated bridge, various other tweaks. When I wear it down enough to need a refret, it will get stainless and then it will be perfect. There's nothing else I would change! This thing is a dream, man. It sounds and plays like nothing else. I know this is an imperfect and biased metric, but I've had enough people tell me it's the best LP they've played that I feel pretty dang good about it.

edit: I feel like I've been posting it around here a lot lately. Sorry!
Is this the one that just got refinished and had it's own thread? That's a distinctive color for a LP.


Been thinking about this lately. After almost 30 yrs of playing, I've been thinking about what it is I want when I'm in a position to have it. Looking back, among the MANY electrics I've owned, my Heritage H-535 and PRS Custom 22 were my favorite two guitars. Oh, and the Gibson Lucille I had for awhile and recorded an album with! I played a Fender Original '60s Stratocaster last year and it hooked me. I've had a handful of nice Strats over the years I let go, but the looks, features, and feel of those seem to fit perfectly.

What's your realistic dream guitar you could see playing indefinitely? If you were remembered as a player, what guitar would you want associated with you?

What's your Gibson Lucille? SRV's #1? Clapton "Blackie"?
I wanted an Aria Pro II PE so I finally got it last year:



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I think my dream guitar after all these years turned out to be my kotzen tele , the fat neck feels great. I love the binding and the contours on it. The pickups to me are excellent. It’s the one guitar that I have bought that’s always play and always end up back to. I tried then all. This is the one that stuck
The one that fixes all my wrong notes and timing! Oh and the one that sounds like it's made of the best tonewoods (cuz it matters! ;)).

Seriously though, I'm not sure. My favorite that I own is a PRS CE24. Love that maple neck spank (again, it matters you tonewood deniers)! But I've also played an exceptional Epi....something or other....was a metal version of LP with actives (that's also maple neck equipped IIRC). Though I don't really like actives, that thing played great and sounded awesome on my old 5150.

What would I like to be known for playing? A Rich Bich, Rhoads V, or Dean ML type maybe....if only I found one that sounded like I'd like....



I was playing my least expensive guitar the other day. It's been modded (fret level so it plays like a custom shop, new pickup, push/pull pickup split, volume pot and jack). And it's tone still floors me. I have the expensive big brands and they just don't hit the tones this one does. It weighs 5.8lbs and I have $30 into the used guitar and mods. So I guess I don't need the dream guitar.



I played an unbelievable 1963 ES 335 at Guitar Center Hollywood about seven years ago. It had a very ergonomic neck and a beautiful blue finish. $20K though...

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