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What's your dream guitar?

A 88/93 Jem 77FP {Pic not mine}. Mine is broken ATM & needs major surgery. Hopefully, I'll get it fixed, but I would like another. The neck on mine felt like home. With EMGs {89/SA/89} & P/P pots it screamed while filthy & chimed like a bell clean. Basswood made it uber light & magicly chameleon like.


My dream guitar is a high end Core PRS. Not sure which one yet because I have avoided trying any to avoid potential disappointment. Instead I make do with my two SE's. Though I plan on getting something special for my 50th in 3 years time.


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There's no one dream guitar for me. I've lusted after several since I started playing. This one is one at the top of the list, and I've owned the Japanese made version in the past which was a great guitar, can only imagine the USA version would be even better.

I think the normal version didn't have dual EMG SAs in the bridge, but an actual EMG humbucker instead. Could be wrong. For current production dream guitars, probably an Electrical Guitar Company aluminum or this:

But I could list a dozen others too.
I'll never own my dream guitar, and likely will never get to play one (though who knows, it could happen one day).

My dream guitar is a '59 Les Paul.

These will have to do until now...

The top one is actually the most perfect guitar I've ever played in my life, so it's keeping me pretty happy.


I think I hit the point where I don’t have a dream guitar anymore. Regardless of the guitar, I still play and sound like me. So I’m content with what I have now which are mostly strats.

Currently I like my LTD sn1000ht. Its got the strat shape, simple controls, plays great, sounds good, and with the locking tuners and hardtail bridge changing strings is quick and easy. Yeah, kind of dull and boring compared to some of the masterpieces listed here but this is a good, practical and modest workhorse of an instrument for me and thats what I’m most happy with these days.


I've obtained several guitars I once thought were my "dream" guitar, but after owning them it somewhat diminished that view of them. Still great guitars, but what do you dream about once you have obtained the dream? No sense in putting things on a pedestals or should we always dream of the unobtainable?


There are a LOT of guitars I've dreamed of owning over the years. One maker has recently taken the top spot, and I wasn't even aware of him until I started reading TGP - Thorn. I would love to have an Artisan. I've seen some absolutely stunning ones posted by TGP members.


Mine is a dream guitar in several respects. When I was a teenager just starting to play, I wanted a guitar that would help me sound like one of my ultimate guitar heroes. But of course, real life stepped in and the dream faded for many years. It wasn't until I was well into my 40s when the dream was reborn, and after much planning and effort, the dream finally came true.

Even though it's very special to me, it's not my #1, and I'll be the first to admit it's kind of a one trick pony. It's more like a race car than a daily driver. But it's the first guitar I put together and dialed in with my own two hands, and that was part of the dream. I made very few compromises (in fact, exactly two, very minor ones), and even though I don't have magic hands like one of my ultimate heroes, it plays extremely well, and I think it sounds as good as any I've ever heard for making that particular sound. I'll never sell it, and I hope my kids keep it after I'm gone. It's my Black Frankenstrat. It's my baby.

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I don't dream of electric guitars because I've never played one that I thought was so great or unique that I dreamt about having it. I do however dream of acoustic guitars because they are so intimate and personal. I'd really love a top of the line small body Martin someday. Whenever I am financially able to, I will probably drive to a bigger city and run the racks until I find the one that speaks to me.



Childhood dream guitar was a BC Rich Mockingbird SL from the custom shop with 24.75" scale and 22 frets with a Sustainer neck pickup. Was going to eventually have GMW build me something similar, then he decided to retire.


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It changes constantly. I'm currently in love with my Reverend Double Agent OG. I guess the only thing I'd change is to be able to get one in Shoreline Gold

The other somewhat easily attainable guitar would be a 70s Telecaster Deluxe type with the Strat trem. If I wanted to eschew the tremolo I could build it in any color I want even with the roasted maple neck I prefer just from the Fender Mod Shop. However to get the tremolo in the color and neck I want I'd have to go either FCS or Nash. Both of those options would still be really easy

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