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What's your dream guitar?


The Dude abides!
Right now, a DC late 50s JR is haunting me at night.
That's definitely in my top 5 dream-guitar list, if not #1. There was a '58 in TV Yellow at the shop around the corner from my office. Excellent shape. Resonated like a cello when played. The only catch: it was $10,000.00. :(

It eventually sold, but I still dream of it. I hope, maybe, to find one just like it again.. only for around $5k. :p

Not far behind it is a LP R8... and just this week I found "The One" after auditioning a ton of them. It is within a percent or two of that dream Jr. It is a stunning guitar. Perfect tone. Sustain for days. Marvelous, chunky neck. Great Bourbon Burst top. So at least part of the Dream Team has found its way home.

Now all I need, in addition to the Jr. is an early 50s Tele / Esquire / Nocaster in Butterscotch, a '64 Strat, and late 50s 335, and I can die happy. :)
I want a vintage "72" Telecaster Custom in the worst way I played one 6 years ago that was completely unforgettable. It was a player but it sounded amazing. I tried the Reissue and it had zero mojo. Maybe a Custom Shop would work for me. I wish they did a Road Worn (with maple neck) or a Relic Custom Shop the beat up look is essential as the Cunfie pickup.

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