What's your favorite Octave Box?

My current favorites, have both on my board would be:

Whammy v5 and MXR Bass Octave (awesome for guitar)

Also running a HBE Ultimate Fuzz Octave (UFO)

Check out a video i just did for the MXR bass octave with guitar, threw it together quick:


I'm really digging my whammy 5 and am currently gassing for a mi audio pollyanna so I can make some video game noises


The EQD Organizer is amazing. Its got a low and a hi dial. Plus the choir which gets you into the organ sound. Very versitile indeed. Hats off.


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+1 on the EQD Organizer. You can get a full blown pipe organ sound, or just use a little "low" dial and easy on the other settings and just fatten up your tone very nicely... or it can be a simple octaver if wanted. Really quite a versatile pedal. I love it.


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I love pretty much all types of octave pedals! The Micro POG and POG2 are great for all kinds of stuff. I love the Octron 2 for cleanish analog stuff, and OC-2 is nice for thicker stuff. For all out octave fuzz, Fulltone Ultimate Octave and Octafuzz both rock. Overall, my absolute favorite is the Micro POG, which I usually use for octave down.

I have a bit of an octave collection, but the MXR you demoed is one I have never tried. It sounds killer, and I love mid boosts, so I hope I can try one sometime. It sounds like a very dirt friendly octave down pedal!


Octave down is a great guitar effect. Boss OC-3 is the only Boss-pedal that made it to my pedalboard so far. I find it so much more versatile than the OC-2. The fact that the OC-3 is polyphonic (enables you to add octave to a split range, e.g your bass-strings while the treble strings stay unaffected) makes it great for funk-riffs or finger picking. I have also used it for recordings. It also has a Drive-mode setting, which basically is a fuzz-octaver which I use occasionally. Overall I find it tracks very well.

I’ve had some ideas on a custom-pedal that lets you toggle between pre-sets for fast access. This should ideally be true bypass and not be automatically engaged when you plug in your board (silly Boss feature), and have an out-level control for the blended signal. (As it stands, only the dry signal is affected by the out level control in poly mode for the purpose of blending the mix. This would typically result in a significant drop in the perceived volume when the pedal is engaged. The total speaker energy is probably about the same, but since loads of bass has been added, some volume has been shaved off the treble side of the spectrum. I currently resolve this by boosting the signal with a compressor.)
If there is such a pedal (that is not ridiculously space consuming) let me know

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