What's your favorite P90/mini-humbucker guitar?


i'm looking for something with a different sound than a classic single coil or humbucker guitar so i wanted to know what's some good guitars with different pickup configurations... p90 p100 mini-humbucker ect?


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When I think mini humbuckers, I think Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with them, but I'd love a wine red one some day ;)

When I think P90s, I think of Les Paul Juniors and Specials (I have a 1960 RI LP Special DC that I'm in love with, soon to be upgraded with Lollars... can't wait). P90s just get that nice, raw rock and roll tone. They're punchy and aggressive and have more high end than a humbucker. The cleans also seem brighter and more livelier.

One thing I really like about the Fender Tele-Sonic I have is the DeArmond 2k pickups that come stock, they're essentially a dead-on copy of the old Gretsch DynaSonics. They get some very unique and very sweet tones and are incredibly versatile (I can get anything from classic rock crunch, to funk cleans to thick and warm jazz tones).

I've played some Gretsch guitars that are killer, but unfortunately the quality has come down on a lot of the line (it's definitely a "try before you buy thing" now). They do have some cool and unique tones and come stock with DynaSonics or Filtertrons.

Rickenbackers have a signature voicing of their own with their "Toaster" singles. Very jangly and bright, but not very versatile. For artists like Tom Petty who focus on rhythm clean strumming or extremely light overdrive, it works like nothing else, but they are a one trick pony.

G&L's ASAT Special has some weird MFD pickups that I think sound pretty good. Not a P90, not a single coil, they're really something else.

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I owned a Black Limba Baker Junior with Fralin P90s that was probably, on all counts, the best guitar I've ever played.

My main gigging guitar is a '53 ES-175 with P90s, which is a very different-sounding guitar from the Junior. But it is my favorite guitar to play, period.

I also own a '64 ES-330, also with P90s, and it, too, sounds completely different from the other two. But a great guitar nonetheless...!

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Agile AS820. Seriously.


I swapped out all of the electronics (switch, jack, pots, caps) including a set of High Order P-90s, and it my absolute favorite guitar. It is the one I pick up first every time, and I've got some nice axes in my stable...



Gary F.

+1 for LP Sp DC RI. With Lollar's P-90's, it is just unbeatable. Dime it for Leslie West, Paul Westerberg, or roll the volume knobs back to 7 or 8 for some air.



I really like my Les Paul Deluxe. I had a firebird, and I thought the sound was very nasally with the stock pickups - like a strat with a headcold. I wasn't crazy about the firebird style (man, they are huge!) so I sold it. Got a great deal on a LP deluxe goldtop, and I love the sound.

I recommend you try a few! I actually think I like the mini-hums better than p90s!


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marrstians said:
i'm looking for something with a different sound than a classic single coil or humbucker guitar so i wanted to know what's some good guitars with different pickup configurations... p90 p100 mini-humbucker ect?

You might laugh, but I put two Lollar mini-HBs into a 2003 American Strat (alder / rw) and am completely happy with it.

I wired it with a single V, single T and a blend pot.

When I get back home after the holidays, I'll post a couple of clips if you'd like to hear it.
I've got 3 P-90 guitars. A 59 LP Special, a 71 LP Deluxe with P-90s and a 65 Epiphone Olympic that the pickguard was replaced and had a P-90 installed.

All 3 guitars have Duncan Custom P-90s, which I totally love- high output, but still "breathe."





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I love the firebird for sure, I used to have one but they are so heavy in the neck that it made it a bit weird. By far though, my R6 is my favorite non humbucker type guitar, big neck, huge tone. Love my R6!


Another cheer here for the Reverend Slingshot Custom-great Strat-ish tones clean, and with some gain...just look out!

I'm really lusting after a Hamer Monaco III-I love three-pickup setups, the P-90 sound has become my favorite, and Hamers have amazing build quality(I own two).


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Another big vote for the Slingshot Custom. I love mine. I've had a Hamer Special with P-90s that's great; a more Gibsonish sound.

Somethng else unique that's too often forgotten -- a Fender Jazzmaster. Quirky and somewhat finicky, but fantastic.


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Anyone here play or own a Godin LG with P90's???? I've always wanted a P90 guitar but can't afford the big boys, and I hear Godin quality as being very good.

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