What’s Your Favorite Stratocaster?


My favorite Strat is the 50s reissue I've been playing since 1996. The only change I've made is replacing a scratchy volume pot two years ago.

Blue Lizard

What does no load tone mean?
It means that when the tone pot is at “10”, it’s taken out of the circuit completely (as if there was no tone control connected); everything below that, the tone roll-off comes into play as normal.

I also have a treble bleed on the volume so a pretty wide overall tonal range with that control layout.
My favourite Strat that I own is my Richie Kotzen model: re-wired with a 300k volume, no-load tone and blender pot; Gotoh trem and locking tuners. Fat neck, 12” radius, jumbo frets = sweet.

The Strats that I’ve had unrequited longing for over the years have been:

1) the graffiti yellow Strat Plus (with Lace Sensors) that had pride of place in my local guitar shop window in the late 80’s;

2) the original Jeff Beck signature Strat (in surf green) that I pored over when it was reviewed in Guitarist magazine in the early 90’s;

3) the 7-Up green Clapton Strat due to watching Mike Keneally use it in the Zappa’s Universe gig.

Personally, if we’re talking “Strats” then I’d have to consider Fenders only; if looking at the wider world of S-type guitars, then the field is immense...
That's killer! Didn't even know there was a RK strat, usually only see the Teles out in the wild.

Beautiful guitars!
Thank you! The previous owner(s) who had 'em built did a great job.

Warmoth all the way. I'll never buy a branded strat or tele again.

Roasted maple neck w/ SS frets and graphtech nut - danish oil finish
Roasted alder or ash body - oil finish
Hipshot staggered locking tuners with universal mounting plate - no string trees necessary and no holes to be drilled
Gotoh 510 2 point trem with wilkinson locking saddles - Warmoth will install the trem studs for you
Zexcoil pickups

~ $1200
That sounds like a sweet build! Warmoth is my #1 choice every time though I highly recommend buying them used because the resale value sucks and you can often get a VERY pricey build on the cheap (though I get that defeats the main purpose of a company like Warmoth aka "customizing" your own...I've found several with specs I really love that I would have been glad to have dreamt up myself).

The denim flame strat and flame koa strat I posted earlier in the thread I believe were roughly $1300 and $2300 respectively to build new, and I grabbed them for $350 and $600. I'd kinda rather someone else spends the big bucks and then I grab it secondhand for a fraction!


Out of mine, my favorite above all others, is my old early Highway 1...
Not fancy by a long shot in comparison to the others especially the Goldie, but it is one badass Strat....
Second would be my early run Ibanez Blazer, heavy ash, convered pickups, maple neck, original Blazer head before they changed to that half shovel Roadstar head, 3 digit....



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Man, that’s pretty!!! Very interesting looking neck joint... can you tell me more about what’s going on back there?
What Ron called the Precision Lock Neck Joint. http://www.thornguitars.com/socal-htm/rs-specs.htm

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Thorn’s Precision Lock neck pocket design provides 8% more solid contact surface area over a traditional neck pocket by interlocking the neck and body through a custom CNC-machined dovetail lap joint. Stainless Steel machine screws threaded into inserts installed under the fretboard mate the body and neck into a completely rock-solid, sustain-enhancing coupling. The 2+2 ferrule and back-plate configuration allows for a comfortable contoured heel and effortless upper-fret access.
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David Garner

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My favorite is an EJ. I'd love to have a nice 60s reissue one day as well, maybe a Custom Shop.

The nicest one I ever played was a K-Line in metallic ice blue that had Klein pickups in it (I forgot which ones). That guitar was amazing.


1956 is my favorite.

Closest thing I've found in vibe to that out of a newer guitar was the G&L Fullerton signature model. Not too keen on the stock electronics in those myself.

Want to try the PRS version.

Phineas Ball

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My fave is a Fender 1962 RI "Thin Skin Nitro" I bought from Wildwood a few years back. Sproing and chime and sing and ring. Sonic Blue. Aging beautifully. Fantastic guitar.

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