What's your favorite vibe? And WHY?


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Effectrode Tube Vibe

I'll let Mike Hermans provide the answer ;)

Gotta give a shout to the Keeley Monterey as well, love the versatility of it



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Vibe Machine. Sounds great and hasn't the best form factor for Pedalboards imo. I tend to stay on the vibrato setting for a slow warble and it's the closest to the Voodoo Vibe I've found.

Jet Bycraft

The Provibe section of my Foxrox CC-2 is my favorite. Not only can I dial in the sound of an original Univibe, I can also set if for a number of different Vibe sounds. It also has the ECS feature which is really cool.


Me too. I just got mine fixed. It had a pretty bad speed jump, but it's perfect now. It was past warranty and they still fixed it for free.
Over the weekend, I tried out the CS-MDV-1, thinking that I would love it a lot more than the TC Viscous Vibe I currently own. The problem I had with it was that in chorus mode, there was a noticable drop in volume in the sweep, to where it was acting like a tremolo almost as much as a vibe. Did I just plug into a faulty one?

I was really hoping it would work out, as the Fulltone unit has the option for an expression pedal, which I think I would much prefer over tap dancing on the speed knob.

Maybe I really wanted the MDV-2?

Windup 43

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Danelectro Chicken Salad

Because it cost practically nothing and sounds better than several other much pricier vibes I've owned. An effect I don't use a lot, but perfect for when I need THAT sound. The harmonic trem on the Flint and 74 Phase 90 set at 12 'o clock are also pretty effective faux vibe sounds.


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Yea, I hear that argument a lot about the MDV-2. It's a hard one to ignore.
Different vibes just match different ears, that's all. Is the MDV-2 THE original univibe sound?
I don't know.
I've never played one.
But I love love love this one. I've had it for over 5yrs and I might eventually switch to something more MXR-sized, just for boardspace, but I doubt it'll sound as good. I'll probably just hang on to what I've got.


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Vibe Machine (v-1 or v-2). Sounds awesome, the toggles are useful, it's very articulate with the right amount of low end and right asymmetry, and it's tiny.


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I'm really not much of a Vibe expert, but all the Vibes I've owned have had their strong points. I'm in kind of a modulation glut right now.

- For pure Univibe I'm running a Vibronaut , which is terrific once you tweak the internal pots, and the bass / treble pots make it extra versatile.

- For a harmonic trem / vibrato / beautiful original concoction I love the Bearfoot Mint Green Mini Vibe. I haven't heard anything quite like it.

- For vibrato I'm currently running a box I built as a " for fun" experiment which is based on the Bigfoot Magnavibe. What a gorgeous effect... Magnatone vibe is addictive. Now I want to order an original BF MV.

The real fun comes in combining these three. I put myself into quite a trance last night

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