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What’s your “why isn’t this pedal more popular?!!!” pedal?

Any pedal from Aleks K including the Maple Leaf Royal Drive. Absolutely killer build and organic sounds. Some of the best pedals on the planet. A lot of their pedals are dual drives with great sustain. Blow most other drives out of contention.

Jimmy Tango

I know it was big on here a few years ago but I recently got a BAT Pharaoh fuzz and can't understand why no one here seems to talk about it these days. Massive sounding but well defined and tight.
Love mine. Gets more love than the LSTR. Very flexible and cleans up well.


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Mythos Olympus. Zach only made a few so that could explain it, but I really dig mine and wanted to get the word out! (Yeah I know I’ve posted two Mythos pedals in this thread. I just think they make great drives!)




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Welp, that did it!

You had me at "Stage Phaser"... now mine can sit back in a display case.

The 'Sheep'-theme got me too, since I've been feeding the buggers since 2004, every morning and every night.
... maybe it's time for an Ungulate Pedalboard?
- Ram's Head
- Joyo octave-down thingy
- Sheep Shifter
- Bee Bah
... and if I could claim that Tom Cram's Spiral logo is really a Sheep's horn in disguise...
What a wonderful, noisy, swirly board that'd be.
There is an internal tone potentiometer, FYI. They tend to be dark, but I believe you can very delicately turn it clockwise to brighten.


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I think the DLS versa vibe is quite good, really anything by DLS but their resale is terrible and they've become obscure I suppose but they're excellent and well built


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I think the DLS versa vibe is quite good, really anything by DLS but their resale is terrible and they've become obscure I suppose but they're excellent and well built
I still have a DLS Echo Tap I bought way back when they came out. It stayed on my board for over a decade - I still think it sounds great. I just moved to a Boss DD500 because I wanted to go deeper into the digital delay world - otherwise I would still be using it.

DLS really seemed to be on the move at that time - working with a lot of big artists. Not sure what happened, seems like interest just disappeared.



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Barber 1/2 Gainer- I sold off all my pedals and pedal board this spring and bought the 1/2 Gainer.

It gives you two different levels of gain at your feet and it has a very effective mid knob that allows your overdrive to maintain the basic EQ and feel of your amp (which is how I use it) or boost mids as desired.
It's the most natural sounding overdrive I've had. I keep one gain knob set for just breaking up and the other gain set all the way up, both volumes a notch above unity. This gives me everything from clean to bluesy break up to singing sustain, responds nicely to guitar volume changes as well.

I had seen these pedals over the years and was always turned off by the size and the basic look ( a very stark, military issue, not fun appearance).... I should have tried one years ago.


The surprise pedal of the year for me is the Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom. It is kind of like the octave version of the Fuzz Factory, but far more controllable. Most fuzz pedals that I own seem to do one thing really well, but the Algal Bloom has lots of useful settings, making it almost a multi-effect fuzz. Tbe graphics are beautiful, too. Great!

Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 2.38.03 PM.png


Subdecay Vagabond

I don't own one but I never see them used/reviewed or anything. It seems to tick all the boxes, everyone gets so over hyped about harmonic trem and then the subdecay is priced well and has the cool envelope speed control thing? I don't get why I don't see it more


Dr Z Z-Drive

Its a great EQD built dual OD with 2 completely different sounding and feeling overdrives, and the most powerful 3 band EQ I've ever seen in a pedal. It could be better if the 2 ODs were stackable, which they're not, and I think that's why not tons of people love this pedal. Its like adding 2 channels to a simple 1 channel amp, truly. I also have a clean boost and with these 2 pedals can get 6 different vol/dirt levels.

I'm gonna get a KoT when my name comes up on the list in 3-4 more months regardless but seriously, im not so sure itll kick the Z Drive off my board. 20190213_172910.jpg
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The now-discontinued Earthquaker Crimson Drive is one of the very best OD pedals I have been playing.
One germanium transistor for warmness and responsiveness to rolling back the guitar's volume knob... it is perfect!

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