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When does Kemper come out with a new model?

Realize this is an evergreen thread. Helix user. Think I’m ready to make the trade. But also understanding that the minute I do, Kemper will finally introduce a new model with a 2020 appropriate user interface.

The Kemper Stage has now been out a year. No summer NAMM. And probably no winter NAMM either, so my guess is the manufacturers will go their own way on product releases.

Any thoughts from the experts here?
I can understand your hesitation but that worry of a new unit coming out that makes the previous units obsolete, just isn't how Kemper operates and isn't something that Kemper users have to experience like a lot of other companies' loyal customers do (I'm not referring to anyone specific and being a dick lol that's just how 99% of companies operate).

And even if Kemper did release a new unit, the Kemper 1 would probably still see support and updates for another decade. The code for the software the Kemper uses is written pretty efficiently by my understanding, so there's a lot of room for more updates in the future since there's more processing power under the hood that can be utilized (not sure exactly how much though lol).

And like another user said, you could always get a Kemper and if a new one comes out, sell it to get the new one. And you'd see a pretty good return because Kempers hold their value really well ;)

Edit : sorry for basically posting 2 novels in response to your questions lol. I was trying to be reassuring but, I didn't realize my posts were so insanely long hahaha :D
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As a non Kemper owner that is possible with expression pedals and/or the morph feature is it not.
It's different. With morphing, you can program an upper and lower setting for a parameter that can be trigged with a footswitch. With the expression pedal, you can program a range. However, all of that is not done on the fly - you need to set it up before playing. On the Helix, you can literally reprogram the blocks with your feet on the fly while gigging. The Kemper Remote / Stage has a small screen so, in theory, there's no reason Kemper couldn't implement something similar but I doubt it would be as user friendly due to the limitations of the small screen. (They'd need to add scribble strips like the Helix)

This video demonstrates what I'm talking about.


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A super reliable Kemper Stage, (hardware and software) with added USB audio, more powerful chips for a really good synth block, and audio to midi to control external synths, would be very welcome by me.. :)


CK is just waiting for the OP to buy a V1. Next day V2 will be released.
It might happen in the next week or two. So you can all look for version 2 to drop around August 1st.

Still would appreciate input from people on the Stage versus tabletop. Was reading a Kemper forum thread where some guys were complaining the Stage had some excess noise and hum to it.


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Kemper just came out last year with a new model, the Kemper Stage. What else do you want? I think their products are close to perfect IMO and keep their resale value. It is a German company like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and they don't come out with new models every year. Most of the time it is just cosmetic changes. There is no need for that with the Kemper. All I wished for was the Kemper Stage and when I talked to Christoph at the NAMM in 2018 he told me that didn't have plans for a floor unit but that he would take that into consideration. Well, a little over a year year later we got the Stage. I am happy as a clam with this one.


Note, I am being entirely speculative. From everything I know, I would predict that future models (within next 5 years or so) will only be an expansion to add possible functionality to the existing design. It will not make the older models obsolete. Rather it will offer features that will attract new customers and get current users to upgrade such as possibly a dual amp stereo powered unit or possibly a USB interface.

Kemper is in no way done developing this version.
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I can't imagine we'll see a Kemper 2.0 unless there is some breakthrough in profiling technology. POD HD to Helix was a big jump in modeling technology, not just UI and nice to have features. Same with Axe FXII and III. What would a Kemper 2.0 deliver and I'm not just talking about things like 2 amps at time of a nicer front panel?
Still would appreciate input from people on the Stage versus tabletop. Was reading a Kemper forum thread where some guys were complaining the Stage had some excess noise and hum to it.
I think the instances of excessive hum was just defective units or something with the signal path, but I'm not 100% sure. I have a Kemper Stage and mine is silent and hum-free.

I personally think that the Kemper Stage is the best offering from Kemper. The form factor is more portable and it's a better value because you basically get the Kemper and the footcontroller in one, for much less than it costs for the Kemper head and foot controller. And with the Kemper editor being out now, you don't need the Kemper right in front of you to tweak and edit profiles anymore.

Or if you need the powered Kemper, then the better option for your needs might be the Kemper Powerhead.



I'd really like a powered Kemper cab. I love my unpowered Kemper and I only use it through the original Yamaha THR30 as as a FRFR but am quite miffed I can't yet get a Kemper Cab to use with it.

I think it is a wonderful piece of kit and constantly gives me tone that makes me smile from ear to ear. The only thing I don't like about it is that it takes away every possible excuse for me to buy a Suhr PT15 or Mesa!!!


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Like others, I don't think Kemper will be releasing a newer KPA for at least a few more years. Maybe several.

- it's still (and probably will always remain) in the top group in terms of sound
- they just released the Stage last year
- features folks are clamoring for are all less general and FAR less important than its core use/user (DI, multi-amp, updated UI, etc.)

Don't get me wrong - I'd love an improved UI and better rig management. And a DI for computer recording would be awesome. But that's SO much less important that I am fine with things as they are.

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