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When I heard_________I had to get a wah!


I don't care what anybody says about this...for me it was without a doubt "Rocket Ride." To this day, this is the benchmark wah solo for me

Yeah, that was an early inspiration for me as well. I didn't play yet, let alone know what a wah wah pedal was, but there was something about that solo that grabbed my ear.

I'd also like to add Jimmy McCulloch's work on the Wings Over America, particularly on Medicine Jar, and Soily...some great sounding wah tones on that record.


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I actually remember when I said this to myself for the first time! It was the live version of "By Tor and the Snow Dog" from "All the World's a Stage." The part when he slowly opens the wah while maniacally strumming the (I think) E chord on the 7th fret, before dropping it down to the one long (I think) D chord. Simple as it gets, but I'd never heard the wah used that way, as a sort of slow filter sweep. I hadn't been a huge fan of the '70s "wah articulation on single-note" stuff, but this riff blew me away. Bought a Cry-Baby the next day.

Edit: Found it on youtube. Starts at 3:13

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When I saw my first porno:messedup

Just kidding, it had to be when I heard Voodo Chile for the time

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