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When you buy a new amp, do you expect it to be rattle free?

Young Dad

Silver Supporting Member
I have never bought a new combo.
mom thinking of getting a hand wired Princeton. Is it unreasonable for me to expect it to be rattle free even when dimed?
What have your experiences been?


Unreasonable to expect it to be rattle free? Not at all. It's a brand new amp (and pricey) so yes it should be flawless out of the box.

But should you be surprised if it isn't rattle free? Probably not, especially if your first action is to dime it. Presuming you're getting it shipped to you, it's very possible that through the shipping process some force applied to the amp will knock something loose to some degree.

But it shouldn't be anything you can't fix with a quick inspection. If the OT has fallen out the chassis, that's a major problem. If the rectifier rattles just a little bit, just swap it out. :aok


Silver Supporting Member
Many combos rattle. 6V6s aren't bad though...try something with EL-84s if you want to hear some sympathetic vibrations. Haha.


I always hope its rattle free but if its not its not that big of a deal. There wasn't an amp I couldn't stop rattling with some simple hand tools. IME the only amp that sounds good dimed is something like a tiny terror which it was designed to do that one trick at that setting. I'm not sure a Princeton would be in that category.


My grandpa had a saying - if it's rattling, it better be hissing. I thought it was to warn us about snakes, but it turned out the only way he knew a machine was on was through the physical queues given from either a hiss and/or rattle.

I would never consider this a good thing or one to compromise on. Reasonable expectations are that the amp is wired tight and ready to produce good sounds, imo.

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