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When you sell your used for $10 less than brand new


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When people buy they assume it's worth less than what it is. When people sell they assume it's worth more. Before the internet used was considered worth half of the new price, assuming no condition issues.
Pretty much this....like 60-75% of whatever it cost new. That used to be the average price of used stuff, That was just basic even 5 years ago. The recent influx of buyers and sellers to the market in the past year or two has drastically changed that old reality with how big the market has gotten and overflowed with new buyers and seller.

I really don't think its coming back , the old way people used to price for a good while and while it sucks its normal and a part of the market.


I usually charge $10 or less to ship a used pedal I'm selling. Rarely is it more, because it just doesn't cost more to ship a pedal.
If I'm selling one and can get 70-75% of new street price, I'm very happy.

That said, on rare occasions, I've sold a pedal on an eBay auction where the auction price goes well above what I'd have sold for and more than 80-90% of the price. Couple of weeks ago, I sold a use Plumes for $76.50 + $10.00 shipping. I bought it new for $99 less 15% off and free shipping.
I figure sometimes it's a competition thing were one buyer just has to "prove" he's the winner ......? :bonk


With their state tax they collect now it makes it even harder to buy and sell off reverb, but I think those listings for used gear that amount to more than new are good listings to watch. I think some people list at the highest price they can and don't realize that it amounts to more than new... then it sits there unsold and at some point they realize it's too high and they mark it down or are more willing to entertain offers.

Of course then there's always the person who lists near retail new and puts "open to offers" but don't seem willing to take off even 5%. But of course it says "open offers sells gear x% faster" so of course they click it.


Just for laughs, I messaged (he didn't have the offer button on his listing) a seller of a Fulltone 69 that with shipping his pedal was priced higher than ordering new from Fulltone. I explained that also that Fulltone doesn't collect sales tax. To his credit, he lowered his price but not enough to make it worth my while so I ordered new from Fulltone.


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And you ask $25 for shipping, so your crappy used pedal costs more than.Brand new one with free shipping.

What are you thinking here? I just dont get it. If I sell a pedal, let's say its $200 bucks new, I'm selling mine (even if its mint) for $150. Because that's what I would buy at if I was a looker. Who is gonna buy your $175 used pedal with shipping , when they can get it brand new for $199?

Why is this not obvious to people?
Ya but, what about the $5 off for TGP members.


I’m confused by this as well.. Don’t people want to sell the pedal? Especially when a new one from a retailer has a return policy AND free priority shipping. This phenomenon and “mint’ with Velcro on the bottom :rolleyes:

I usually do free shipping and discount in the neighborhood of 20% for a used item. Yes you are going to take a bit of a hit, but that’s the way to goes in a competitive market and the cost of trying something out.

The only reason I can see for this is item scarcity (which for me is almost always and instant avoid) OR proximity. Like I might pay a tad bit more for an item on the east coast.


There's a reason I haven't bought a second hand pedal in well over a year. The market is topsy turvy. Not even worth the headache anymore.

Whatever. More money going to dealers and builders.


Some people list stuff (or are asked/told to list stuff), but they don't really want to sell it, or are looking for someone with some extra cash who "needs it now." Prices are also going up on a lot of used stuff right now because people are at home due to Covid. I sold a Yamaha THR practice amp for 1.5x the amount I bought it for used... It all depends on the market.


How come every time I open a loaf of bread, it falls apart in precisely-cut, thin pieces that are only incidentally perfect for sandwiches?


Years ago you were only as good as the last song you played.

Now, with Increased isolation along with sincere quests to make music by lopping an arpeggio and twisting knobs.

Has both made gear more expensive and music kinda lifeless.

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