Where can I buy a Y cable and a speaker cable extender


I have a 4 input Victoria 35210 (tweed Super clone) and a Germino Club 40 coming and I keep reading posts that say plugging in with a Y cable sounds different than just jumpering the channels. By golly, I'd like to try and see for myself. I did some poking online and didn't readily find a source for a quality Y cable so can someone point me in the direction of one of these (i.e., I think I need a 1/4" TS male to 2 TS male instrument cable).

Separately, does anyone make a male to female 1/4" speaker cable to enable me to run a head into a combo cab (the cable on the speaker in the combo cab is too short to run out of the combo and up to the head so I want to extend it with a male to female cable that is heavy duty enough to serve as a speaker cable, ideally from a quality manufacturer because I'm nervous about a bad connection breaking and taking the load off of the head). I've looked for this to no avail as well.

Any help mucho appreciato.


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