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Where can I buy Tolex?

It's raining so I've decided to make my own pedalboard. There are a lot of great pedalboards out there but they're pricey. I just play at home so I just need a way to get my pedals slid under the couch to keep the wife happy. A music stand, cables, Onespot, and five or six pedals can make an ugly mess fast. So I figure some pine boards, wood screws, Gorilla glue, and a Onespot ziptied to the underside and I'll be in buisness but I don't know what to cover the board with... Tolex I guess? So where can I find tolex or what else could I use and where could I get some? Thanks.


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Dumb question...why do we always insist on Tolex? As I understand it, Tolex was just auto-top vinyl . So why not other kinds of vinyl?

Check out some of the colors and textures available when it's not called Tolex:

EDIT: Someone asked my if I thought the OP was asking a "dumb question"... no, my comment referred to my own "dumb question" in my post.

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