Where do I start?????

I'm finally finishing up building my studio. The wiring is done, the insulation and sheetrock is finished, new door, and I'm ready to start recording! However, I've never recorded and know nothing about it. I mean no clue at all. I'm just a guitarist/vocalist and would like to make some tracks to critique my own playing and singing. Maybe write some songs, add some drums. Pretty tame stuff really. What do I need???? I do have a spare computer that could be set up for a workstation. I guess I need a mic...... A journey of a thousand miles begins with one post.
So true.

Before taking anyone else's advice (including my own)...

A couple questions for you.

1) Budget?
2) Quality desired (be prepared for the "You'll need to practice recording" response. It's okay, you weren't good at guitar the day you picked it up right?)
3) What are you going to record. You mentioned vocals and guitar, which is relatively easy but you also said a scary word, "drums." If you want to record live drums, that means your needs are different than if you want to record just guitar and vocals.
4) What style of music? The needs of a bluesy, folky acoustic act are different than modern rock or metal or even country.

Alright, we'll start there.

In the meantime, you may want to think about how your room sounds overall. Check out www.ethanwiner.com. You don't have to buy from him, but his knowledge is very important. You can take a standard room and make it sound like a great one with a little cash and effort. Then you'll just enjoy playing guitar in there more too.

Welcome to the money pit.



Hello everyone! First post here...

Well the first thing you need is a 2" ampex mm1200 16 track tape recorder, a tentelometer, oscilloscope, .... oops...

Many many ways to approach this
1. Digital Recording
a. through a computer (you'll need an interface - from a cheap m audio product with built in mic pres and a/d d/a conversion or go the high route with a neve mic pre through lavry gold or prism converters)
b. standalone unit like a Boss BR recorder
2. Analog Recording
a. Old 4 track cassette
b. Old consumer reel to reel like a Tascam 38 - need a separate mixer
c. 2" Tape - the granddaddy of recording (like ampex, studer, etc) - need a separate mixer

p.s. Is this a serious post? You did all sorts of wiring and sheetrocking, and yet you have no idea what to do now?


+1 on sticking a computer in there and a couple microphones. lots of versatility with a computer based set up. Consider how you are going to get your signal into the box (Audio interface) and back out (Monitoring Chain)

Then start thinking about acoustic treatment. Seriously, if you cant hear whats going on in the room you aren't going to be able to mix it properly. getting the monitoring chain down first before you spend money on gear that makes you sound better. Check out that Ethan Winer link and study up a bit on acoustic principles. Broadband absorbers will be your new friends.

this guide helped me a ton

good luck, and like Timmy said, welcome to the money pit.

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