Where do Tube Dealers get their NOS Tubes from?

Guitar Josh

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Most what are not NOS, and based on what experience and with what sellers? If you're going to make a blanket statement like this please back it up.
I think he is basically saying that ANOS is a misnomer.

Timbre Wolf said a few years ago in a similar thread that "ANOS is just a sales-friendly euphemism for lightly used" and there is no arguing against that.

I have never seen this term applied anywhere else. It's confusing to the everyday tube buyer.

Now, it's silly this has to be said, but KCA is the A No. 1 ++ dealer of tubes on the web. Just so that's clear.


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It's generally top secret but I know a few individuals that have been lucky enough to find a retired TV repairman with quite a stash. More and more you see used tubes on the 'vintage' tube market.
my former father in law was a retired repairman and he had THOUSANDS of rare, weird tubes, along with hundreds of 12AX7 and 6L6 tubes.

I haven't had to buy any for years :)

Frank Speak

I come across them once in awhile in my business (Home Services). I came across an old fella a couple of months ago that 2 boxes of old miscellaneous tubes. These were NIB (New In Box), but I didn't see any I recognized and the old fella wasn't sure if any were guitar amp tubes or not. And frankly, I didn't have time to sort through 2 boxes (medium size boxes) of tubes.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I had a younger fella wanted to trade me a Granger amp head for some work we did for him. I passed.

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