Where do you submit your music for review/press?



I have an instrumental album with my band and was wondering if any TGP members could help out with ideas where to submit it for reviews - blogs, press,…?

Just to make clear - this is not me recording myself at home over backing tracks and calling it an album - it's a legit album, recorded mostly live, in a nice studio, with great musicians and recorded by the local hot shot studio guru/producer and mastered by a legit mastering studio (Peerless Mastering).
The production is great. The music? That's not for me to say, that's why I need your help!

I have gotten pretty good press so far (and about to be the cover story of a local music news paper), but it's not nearly enough, so I'm trying to keep the momentum going and thought there wouldn't be a better place to ask than here at TGP.

The music is instrumental: jazz, surf, rock, waltzes, boleros, soul, funk, blues. The format is always the same - drums, bass, guitar.

Any leads will be much appreciated.

Cheers from Boston.


Press so far: http://www.b11band.com/Press.html

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