Where to buy extra PedalPower 2+ DC adapter cables?

Guitar Josh

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+894758934 for Stomping Ground. The ship fast, are friendly, and see high quality cables. Shipping is high, so order more than you need at once!!

Ed Reed

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This is something I've done for quite a while now. Buy a one spot daisy chain and you can cut it up into pieces, the first has the female end on it and will plug right on to a PP2 cable making it longer. You can leave part of it together like two outlets long for a daisy chain if you need power for an extra pedal. The rest of the One Spot can be simply cut up into male to male cables with 90 degree ends. I snip them apart with a small side cutter and then use a staight pin to be sure non of the wires are shorted out. Finally I test them for short/conductivity with an ohm meter. Cheap and easy.

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