Where to put a MultiStomp in this chain?

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    I'm a guitar->effects->amp guy who's outgrown his pedal board. My amps are old-school: 18 Watter, JCM800, Champ clone. No effects loops, no four-cable.

    My pedalboard covers the necessities for my '80s new-wavy brit-pop "thang" plus a few "nice to have" pedals that I don't use much but like having anyway. My board is firmly limited to eight pedals, and the present chain is:

    Pitch Black -> Rat Clone -> 74 RI Phase 90 -> SD-1 -> CE-2 -> BF-2 -> DD-3 -> BYOC Tremolo. (Must-haves in bold, nice-to-haves plain.)

    I also have a Carbon Copy that I put on when I think having two delay presets is more important that having two dirt boxes. (The Rat gets bumped and the CC added at the end.)

    I'd like to expand my pallet to included some occasional weird sounds: slicer, auto wah, octaves, big verbs... so I'm thinking of add a Zoom MultiStomp. I haven't yet decided if I want the do-it-all MS-50G or the delay/verb/mod-specific MS-70CDR.

    Here's what I'm wondering: if I go with the MS-50G, where in the chain should it go. It seems to me that for some of the effects - auto wah, compressors, pitch shifters & octaves - it really needs to be up front to get the dynamics of the pure guitar signal. Other effects - delays, reverbs, slicer - really need to be "post" dirt boxes and other effects.

    I'm leaning toward sticking with two dirt boxes, leaving the Carbon Copy off the board, and bumping the 74 RI Phase 90 in favor of the MultiStomp. (The Phase 90 is a nice-to-have, and it doesn't play nice with other pedals due to impedance issues on its output, so the MS's digital model of a phaser might actually be better.)

    The MS-70CDR has a lot of cool stuff, I would use the delays a lot, reverbs occasionally, and it could sub for the Phase 90. However, It seems to have a lot of overlap with my Boss pedals; I'm happy with my CE-2 and BF-2 and likely wouldn't use the MS's choruses or flangers. The MS-50G is more of a Swiss Army knife, but has a ton of amp models I'd rarely use, and suffers more from the "where to put it" problem.

    Which pedal would you choose for this setup, and where would you put it?
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    I am currently struggling with this myself and am in the same boat. I recently picked up a Zoom MS-50G to cover odd-ball effects that I don't use too often. I'm mainly using it for modulation (Vibrato, Phaser, Vibe, Rotary), Auto-Wah, filters, and occasionally other misc. effects. But some of the verbs/delays sound great too.

    Currently I have it before dirt since I'm mainly using it for modulation effects, and it works great there. No problem with that placement if I want to use verb/delays clean, but it's frustrating having it there when I want to use either of those with dirt. I'm thinking of either picking up another MS-50G (or standalone reverb) for post-dirt verb/other effects, or another OD to place at the beginning of my chain for when I want dirt in front of the verbs/delays or modulations.

    YMMV. Experiment and let us know what you find! Good luck!

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