Where to put vibe in chain?


I'm waiting for UPS to deliver a Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe. I've seen suggestions to place the vibe in front of dirt like a wah, and I've also seen suggestions to put it with modulation pedals.

My signal chain currently is:

Guitar > Cry Baby > Ego Comp > BB Preamp > Phantom OD > Timmy > EP Booster > Amp

FX Send > Micro Chorus > VP Jr > Memory Toy (1) > Memory Toy (2) > Hall of Fame > JamMan Stereo > FX Return

So where is the best place to put the Micro Vibe? What are the pros/cons of each location?


My personal preference is after fuzz and before OD, other modulation, delay, and verb. With high gain drives or drives with a lot of treble content, placing the vibe before can bring out some really shrill, painful frequencies (in my experience).

For your chain, I'd say a good starting place is after your compressor, since none of your ODs are super trebly. That said, experimenting can never hurt - you might find something that you like better!


waiting on a micro vibe for myself too. i'm curious about this too. i'm guessing first after my compressor will be what i want.


I place my vibe after my wah and compressor, but before my boost or overdrive pedals. I own a Microvibe, and I'm pretty sure that if you try yours after your drive pedals you will immediately notice that it sounds much less like the vibe tones in your head.


I keep my Vibe as close to the front of the chain as possible, in part because, like the original circuit, it has a low input impedance and develops it's characteristic dark tone by loading down the guitar, so I find, to get the sound I want out of it I need to treat it like a fuzz face and put it in front of any buffers or other pedals.

Also, I find I don't really like to use it with tones that are two dirty either, so I rarely have it and any kind of dirt pedal on at the same time. The Mojo Vibe I use can be pushed a bit past unity gain and if I want a little grit w/ the vibe tone I just use it into an edge-of-breakup amp and crank the Vibe past unity so the Vibe itself pushes the amp a little.

I don't know if any of that applied to the Micro Vibe -- I don't know what its input impedance is and VL doesn't have the spec on the website; I don't know if it's unity or can go past unity, etc -- but that's how I prefer to set up my Univibe clone.
I also use it before any pedal if I can. Before any overdrive and distortion, of course.
I don't especially like th MV when placed after my ODs, the swoosh is not musical and it sucks the drive from my experience.
You can also sandwich it between your dirt pedals if you sometimes stack them.

A really cool pedal and a keeper !

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