Where to shop for guitars in Nashville


I will be traveling to Nashville in Jan 2017 and was wondering where to shop for a guitar. I have a budget of USD $1.5K and would prefer not to go above it.

I have done some research and have ranked the following according to the priority of visit:

(1) Guitar Center - Heard that it has a wide selection and the Nashville store is decently stocked. Also there might be occasional sales of 20% discount. Anyone can confirm this?

(2) Rock Block - Has a decent selection of pedals.

(3) Guhrn's - More of an icon. Doubt I can afford anything from there unless they have something that fits my budget. Anyone can confirm this?

Please let me know if there are any notable stores in the area that is worth visiting. Thanks in advance. Cheers!


I doubt there will be anything noticeable in your price range that you couldn't get online for the same or cheaper.

Are you visiting from outside of the USA? If so then maybe some in that area can make some good suggestions.


Sam Ash in the Rivergate area.

Guitar Center is fairly well stocked, and also has some used and vintage stuff.

Carters Vintage is a must visit place!

Rumble Seat also opened a shop on 8th, being right on the same road as Gruhns and Carter's!

Session ace Tom Bukovac has a small vintage/used shop in the Berry Hill area.

There is a new small vintage/used shop out towards Donelson area but not sure on that. A Craigslist search may find more info there.

Craigslist in Nashville is always worth a look but you have to be quick on the draw.

On a bad note all the stores must charge sales tax and it's 9.25% here. Still Sam Ash and Guitar Center will almost always (at the very least) discount enough to effectively eat the tax.
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Just go see Carters/Rumbleseat/Gruhn (you can walk between then), and then put your money back in the bank.

H. Mac

Cottens Music. Family-owned and laid back. Some of the nicest acoustics in Nashville, and a very customer-friendly place to shop or to just browse.

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