Where to start with attenuators?

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by wetordry, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. John Mark Painter

    John Mark Painter Member

    Jun 8, 2016
    I like Dr Z.
    Just know that it's hard to get much below -6db without it starting to make you sad.

    I use the Brake Lite on an 18w to get it down to the 103db range.
    Setting it on "3" is -8db. "2" is -5db.
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  2. Ceragan42

    Ceragan42 Member

    Sep 23, 2016
    I have a Carl's Custom Guitars Speaker Soak. My amp is a Boogie F50, my Cabinet is a stock Dr. Z Z-Best. No complaints, I don't use any extreme settings, though, and I play mostly clean and rely on pedals for dirt. I want a big clean sound as I am a Loop artist. Dialing my clean channel's gain to about 2'oclock and master to about noon and dial the Speaker Soak where I need the volume from there. I'm probably using it wrong, but my rig sounds amazing. So as long as I don't break anything.....
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  3. sickboy79

    sickboy79 Member

    Aug 17, 2006
    I own 3 THD Hot Plates in various impedances, a Dr Z Airbrake, and Aracom attenuator. HANDS DOWN the Aracom is my favorite and most transparent. The others are great as well (I prefer the THD over Dr Z, especially at lower volumes) but, the Aracom really takes the cake. You can also mix/match impedances with the amp and cab. Really great unit and I highly recommended it.
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  4. ymerej

    ymerej Member

    Oct 4, 2017
    I have a THD Hot Plate (8 ohms), and love it. It's the only one I have tried.

    I use it with a recreation of a princeton tweed head (made by a friend) that's about 8 watts, and a 90's Fender Blues Deluxe that's 40 watts. It can bring either one down to very usable levels while retaining the tone of the amp. There is a point where the sound kinda craps out, and I did NOT find the bright/deep switches to make up for it. I even miced the amps and recorded the same guitar parts at different attenuation levels, and the results compared really well. The Blues Deluxe still sounded great at -12db, and the princeton tweed was great at -4db and very good at -8db...
  5. Jakeboy

    Jakeboy Member

    Nov 25, 2017
    I use a Weber Mass Lite which is great for simply taking a few dbs off the top. At more than 50% it changes the tone.
    I also have a Badcat Unleash which works great in every way and is a very useful piece of gear....functions great as an attenuator, revamp, pedal power amp, plus it has a good fix loop which NONE of my amps have. I love it, especially with my 6g6b Blonde Bassman clone....if I sell the Bassman I may sell the Unleash as I mostly use it with that amp....we will see. I am no longer gigging and don’t need the Bassman’s power.

    One thing about attenuators: bringing down the dbs also dramatically changes how hard the speakers are being hit. This changes the tone,especially if you use speakers that break up. This cannot be helped as you are reducing the amount of power slamming the speakers. A good example is the Unleash with the Bassman. I can turn it up to where the Unleash matches the Bassman’s output and it sounds identical pushing two Greenbacks...lower the volume significantly and though the tone of the amp is the same, the sound coming out of the Greenbacks is different because they are not breaking up the same as they were at the higher volume. Now when I use a mint EV SRO with the Bassman, this phenomenon is not nearly as pronounced since this speaker holds together MUCH longer than a pair of greenies. Make sense?
  6. playthecray

    playthecray Member

    Feb 21, 2009
    I have a THD Hotplate 8 ohm unit on the way. I can't wait to try it with several different amps.

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  7. sheeba

    sheeba Member

    Sep 9, 2010
    I have used a Power Station 2 with a blackface Super reverb. I was pretty disappointed. The tone and feel of those amps are all but lost when attenuated. It sounded better just turning down the amp. Low efficiency speakers do the job. 5751 in V2 or 4 also helped. I still think the Super Reverb is one of the best sounding amps of all time. You just need those CTS speakers (alnico or ceramic) to get the magic.

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