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Where to Start with The Drive By Truckers?

Drive By Truckers music is…?

  • Essential

    Votes: 11 23.4%
  • Excellent

    Votes: 24 51.1%
  • Good

    Votes: 7 14.9%
  • Fair

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Not For Me

    Votes: 5 10.6%

  • Total voters


Being a big fan of Jason Isbell since I first heard him a few years back I had tried a few times to get into Drive By Truckers but couldn't really get into them at all. Going through either the Archive or Tela Sugarmegs I think it was a few weeks back I came across this concert from 2006, Live at Plan 9 from their show on the 13th of July which had some great reviews and all of a sudden there it was, just a great concert from start to finish, check it out.


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I was a huge fan for a few years. I saw them in Chicago on the night of the Fall time change. They got to closing time and Hood announced "Hey! Time change! We've got another hour!" and they proceeded to play an entire extra hour. On a different show in Chicago Hood broke a string on his SG. There were apparently no roadies nor did he have a second guitar because he stood on stage changing the string while Isbell led the band through McCartney's "Let Me Roll It". The last time I saw them I drove 2 1/2 hours to drop my kids off at my mother in law's so I could see DBT in a tiny bar in a college town. We were in the front row. Shonna kept making eye contact with me. The band was passing around a bottle of Jack Daniel's and she handed it to me to take a swig. I thought it was pretty cool until they mentioned that a few of them were sick/had the flu. Guess who was wretchedly sick the next few days? This guy. :cry: :facepalm :barfI also met producer Dave Barbe and had long a discussion with him about the Truckers as well as his time in Sugar with Bob Mould.

OK supergenius365. That wasn't the question. I thought that DBT were really on to something special back then, but then they started losing me at Blessing and a Curse. I thought the next two albums were even worse and I gave up. I voted "Fair" in the poll despite being a pretty big fan at one time.
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Smacky the Frog

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SRO, Decoration Day and The Dirty South are their "holy trinity". As mentioned above, American Band is excellent as well. I'm also a big fan of Brighter Than Creation's Dark. That was their first post-Isbell album and I think a lot of people expected a drop-off. Found it superior to A Blessing and a Curse (mainly because Isbell's songs on that album are weak and I'm a huge fan of his).

Unraveling is very good, as is English Oceans (though it's not as deep as Unraveling).

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