Which 10" Alnico will fit in a Pathfinder 15R?


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I recently picked up a Pathfinder 15R with the LED mod. It came with a 10" baffle as well. I tried a Veteran 10 and Jensen C10R in there - the overall effect with a 10 was great, but the EQ was off with both of those speakers. I'd love to put in an alnico speaker, but it will be trick finding one that will fit. I've heard of people dropping an 8" Blue Pup in, but not so sure about 10" speakers. If you have had success with any, please let me know!

I'll take suggestions for good ceramic 10's that retain that Vox sound too!
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Are you just concerned with the depth? Or is it the size of the magnet housing that worries you?

I'd bet you could get an Eminence Legend 1028K in there. They're just shy of 5" in depth, and you can mount it so the magnet is horizontal.


Tough question, I think the wattage and size of the Celestion Gold likely won't fit into the Pathfinder but I could be wrong. Not sure on the cabinet depth...
That's my favorite 10" alnico that I've heard.

The Jensen alnico 10's have tiny speakers and will fit into most amps, but I can't say a lot of good about the sound that comes out of them.

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Pretty sure a 10" alnico won't fit. I have a 10" ceramic blue pup that I moved as far down and right as possible and it doesn't quite fit either, but sounds great so I don't mind the back sticking out slightly.


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Short answer: Sadly, no.

You'll have to stay ceramic with a 10". Blue Pup as above or maybe a Greenback. I have the 8" Blue Pup alnico in mine and it just kills. I have no real desire for a 10 tonally, rather just something to hold together a bit better as I play the amp pretty hard.

Have run the little guy into 1x12 cabs loaded with a Blue...amazing.

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I have a Weber Silver Ten alnico in my PF15 (pre-reverb). Fits fine with no bell cover in use, provided the enlarged hole in the baffle is offset downwards. The magnet structure ends up below the chassis, with about 3/8" clearance. Perhaps the PF15R chassis and dimensions are different from my PF15, so I can't guarantee you will have the same experience.

My amp did not have bottom cleat to hold the baffle, so there was no problem shifting the speaker hole down. If you have a bottom cleat, just cut away the center section for clearance and you end up with a small cleat on each side of the bottom. I left about 1" between the speaker hole and the edge of the baffle to make sure it was strong enough. The Weber weighs more than the PF speaker.

The 10" hole will be flat at the top in order to keep it under the gold trim on the front of the amp, so a small arc of the speaker is shrouded, but the overall surface is much greater than the 8" speaker. Sounds awesome. There are several pix of this conversion by myself and others in the long PF thread on TDPRI under Amp Owners Clubs.

I have also tried a Jensen Mod 10-35 and a WGS Veteran 10 in the same amp, no problems. I'm now looking for a good deal on a used Weber Blue Pup for my Cambridge 15, which is the same cabinet as the PF series. I do think the Cambridge has the edge over the PF, sound-wise, due to the pre-amp tube.
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