Which ABY for this rig?

elron hoover

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Just recently I started running a dual amp setup with a '59 LTD and SD30II. It sounds great, but beyond low to moderate level volume there is noticeable hum when not playing, so I've been researching ABY boxes to alleviate this annoyance.

At first I was going toward a Lehle Little Dual, but after reading a lot of threads/reviews I thought I'd pretty much decided on the Fulltone True Path. I like the switchable buffers for each side, and opinion on this unit is generally positive. Then I stumbled on the fact it only supports mono input, and 2 of 3 reviews on Sweetwater give it 1 star, claiming a "very noticeable change in tone" and a "high susceptibility to noise". Now I'm back to the Lehle because of the better reviews and support of stereo effects. Currently I am using my Echolution 2D as the last pedal on my board to split the signal, and a TC Flashback set to 100% wet to give an adjustable stereo spread on the right (Budda) side after the E2D. Which, out of all aby boxes available, is the best for me? Tone preservation and hum elimination are the most important requirements.


You've already answered your own question. Buy a Lehle box if you want to fix the problem without trial and error.


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LEHLE. Lehle has quite a few products that meet your needs aside from what you saw. Extremely reliable.


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Not sure what you mean about the True Path only supporting a mono signal.
Also,i haven't noticed any noise or change of tone unless the polarity or buffers were set wrong.
Love my Fulltone


I have a True Path and love it. It does have only one input and two outputs. It would be cool if it could be split left and right with the inputs but I have no complaints about the tone and don't have any noise. I would make sure its the pedal causing it. Lots of external culprits for noise in the signal.


So fixing the hum problem is only use your trying to get out of this?

If it's ground loop hum, just snipping ground wire in audio cable going to 1 amp can fix that. Or simple little device like Ebtech hum eliminator, just use one side going to humming amp.

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