Which amp would you buy?*


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* All choices are the same model amp.

1. Brand new from a reputable edealer on super special. $1299 delivered (MF sells the product for $1699). Full warranty and 30-day no questions asked return policy.
2. Same product "factory resealed" from same vendor. Generally these are product returns. $1199 delivered with full warranty and 30-day no questions asked guaranty.
3. Same product used. Described (reliably) as "like new." Former floor sample. Current owner put 25 hours on it. No warranty. $1000 delivered.

My situation is I currently have a Rivera Chubster 40. Like it but at 40 watts I think I bought too much amp. Subject amp is more appropriate power-wise for my stated purpose but I've never actually played one.



Personally - spend the extra cash and get a FULL WARRANTY! That way you C.Y.A.


I'd go #1... You never know what has been done the others, especially the floor model. I recently tried out some Bogners and H&Ks at a dealer, and they were all screwed. I understood why when I asked the sales guy if I could try one though a different cab... He unplugged the speaker cable WHILE I WAS PLAYING and plugged it into something else. I bet every one of those things had fried transformers.
I've never once had spending extra money for the sake of a warranty work out. Least of all spending an extra 30%. Nor have I ever had an amplifier need work that cost $300. If it were only about the warranty, I personally would take the used option and keep the $300 in the bank in case it needs repairs. 25 hours of use says to me "I've spared you the trouble of breaking in the speaker," and that's long enough that you know there are no particularly obvious problems waiting to jump out at you.

However, it sounds like you're kinda feeling your way through the process of determining just how much/how big/etc of an amplifier you need, so the return option might be important to you. If that is especially important, and you realistically can imagine boxing it up and sending it back, I'd probably go with option #2.


talk the used guy down(these are tough times, taxes/xmas due) a couple bens. though i'm the type that always assumes any breakdown is solely my issue. i dont count on warrantees.


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I'd spend the extra 30% for the piece of mind.

Now 50% I might take a chance. :BEER
Exactly, option #1 without a doubt. Now if option #2 were ~$1k or option #3 were ~$800 then they may be more tempting, but for just a few dollars more (relatively speaking) you get a new in the box item then it's a no brainer imo.


You said you've never actually played the amp. I recommend doing that first. It may be more appropriate for your power needs, but what about tone?

I've purchased amps used without warranty many times. If the amp has a solid reliability record, that would not be my primary concern. If it's a tube amp, I would have it biased and get a spare set of tubes.


Having faced these choices before, I'd...

Shoot for a bigger discount on #2 first, (a hundo isn't enough) then test the crap out of it in the first 30 days including possibly an internal inspection depending on the model and how easy to get a peek inside.

Second choice - #3 again bargained down another hundo.

Otherwise #1 at the prices given.

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