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Which brand makes the best racks available today?


Hi all, I constantly find quite a lot of difficulty getting clear answers about rack gear with Google searching - so hopefully you can help me a bit!

In the pedalboard word “Schmidt Array” are seen as being one of the top pedalboard manufacturers, with Pedaltrain being the more bread-and-butter industry standard option.

What is the equivalent with rack gear? Who makes the best racks available today and what is the industry standard?

I’d like as much info as possible, I want to know what’s out there!

Thanks! :)

P.S. Also, who makes the best guitar pedal rack drawers, to mount your pedals on that are used in your rack?

Melodic Roots

It depends on your intended use. Road worthy cases should be evaluated on their ability to take a beating. A studio case that is never taken to gigs should be strong enough to hold your gear safely and compliment the style of your studio.

I (MelodicRoots.com) make wood studio cases by hand that can hold up to 300 pounds. My design is the intersection of strength and value. I came up with the design when I wanted to build a rack case for my own equipment. I don't believe that a case has to be expensive to be strong. It is the design that makes it strong. Many of the mass produced cases are made with MDF or particle board that will not stand up to years of use.

  • Rack rails should be a nice thick steel and powder coated.
  • The case should be deep enough so that your cables don't protrude out the back in case you want to push the case against a wall.
  • Rear rails are useful with deep equipment or to put a power supply on the back of the case.
  • Casters for large cases are really helpful to your back.
  • Rails that are set back from the front reduces the chance you might accidentally hit a knob and damage it.
And it should look good too. I only use Transtint dyes and furniture quality lacquer. A dye is superior to a stain because it soaks in to the wood and accentuates the grain while stains are like paint, they sit on top of the wood and covers the wood grain.

Are my cases the best? I think so. I'll never ship out a case that I would not be proud to use myself.


I own & use older Mesa Boogie SUS-4 shock mounted rack cases that I bought used. I'm selling the Mesa Boogie SUS-4 8 space shock mount rack case, if anyone is interested in it. I also have a 20 space Anvil shock mount case that I bought new from Anvil over 10 years ago that I still have. I use the SKB sliding shelf. Just mount hook side of the velcro on your pedals or devices, mount it to the sliding shelf, and wire it up. Middle Atlantic sliding shelf is considered industry standard back in the big rack builds during the '80s & '90s.

Guitar George

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Encore Case Co makes Kriz-Kraft Airack cases, they’re the very best rack / road cases I’ve ever seen and I’ve been using racks for several decades.



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I also use mesa sus-4 shockmount racks.Built like a tank, lots of ventilation and places to tie stuff to.Its a shame mesa doesnt make them anymore.
I am looking for a mesa 8 space, but it has to be the 8 with retractable handle and wheels.

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