Which cheap octave fuzz: French Toast or Angry Fuzz

Which inexpensive octave up fuzz?

  • French Toast

  • Angry Fuzz

  • Other

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Which cheap octave fuzz: French Toast or Angry Fuzz...

Which one and why?

I'm looking for a 2nd octave fuzz. I already have an Ottava Magus (v1) that I love, but want another one for my 2nd little board. So it must be very affordable.

I really don't dig the look/enclosures of either of these guys, but they both appear to be good sounding at good prices. The FT is especially cheap at $32 while the AF is $119.

Has anyone played both? Or is there another one you recommend instead?


the angry fuzz is great, plus like all the other v2's of visual sounds pedals, it has a buffer (i think) It also has a switch for the octave, and a gain amount, a bright switch, just alot of cool features.



The FT sounds more a Foxxtone, the Angry Fuzz *sounds* like they used a SuperFuzz as the basis for the unit, but you can dial in the octave and fuzz separately for a wide range of sounds. One other thing to consider the Angry Fuzz has a great buffer and the AF tends to sound better after other fuzzes rather than before them. Prefer the AF myself.


Hi there,

I've owned the Roger Mayer Octavia, the French Toast and currently own the Fulltone Ultimate Octave.

Out of the 3, the sound of the Roger Mayer seemd the best to me, whil ethe build quality of the Fulltone is excellent.

I have to say though - for the amount I use the effect, the French Toast would be plenty good enough to keep me happy if I hadn't sold if off.

From memory there is no light to show the pedal is on, which was my main gripe (I tended to set the fuzz very mild and just goose the sound a little to add the octave so it wasn't like a wild fuzz setting where it would be absolutely obvious that the pedal was on).

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